Why Arsutoria School is the Italian excellence in design, pattern making and prototyping of footwear and leather goods

70 years of excellence

We are proud to have trained experts in the footwear industry for over 70 years


We are the reference for the footwear industry for both design and engineering training


We are the only school in Milan to have an inner factory for shoe and bag manufacturing


Over 50 nationalities make up the student population, all courses are offered in English

Industry relations

We provide customized, in-house training for prestigious brands


We have apartments in the same building of the School, available for student rental

Attend wherever you are

All our courses can be attended both onsite at our campus in Milan, Italy, or online, wherever you need to be.


onsite online

diploma courses


Our flagship programs that confer a diploma of international value.
Educational paths, divided between footwear, handbags and accessories, which aim to form a complete professional figure able to access one of the leading sectors of today’s fashion.

onsite online

career paths

BOOST your career

Designer, Patternmaker Technician, Entrepreneur, Sneakerhead: discover our short and full time training courses aimed at those who work and curated by the great experts of Arsutoria School. The educational packages are designed for those who want to enter the footwear and leather goods industry or improve and increase their skills.



Learn at your own pace

Our on-demand courses: the self-learning you are looking for, but at your own pace. Discover our basic courses for a complete and rich overview of the world of shoes and bags. Available whenever you want, however you want.

create your own
learning path

You can choose from our complete catalog of specialization courses and build the path that best suits your needs.

Medium and short-term didactic paths. From pattern making to design, our specialization courses offer all the useful insights for the students who want to access the footwear and leather goods industry and for those who want to learn or improve their skills.

Shoe specialization courses

Educational short courses designed for those who want to deepen some specific aspects of footwear fashion from sneakers to design, passing through entrepreneurial paths.

bag making course


The bags industry requires increasingly targeted skills. Our courses aim to train professionals who are able to access the world of leather goods with the right skills.

Teaching Method

Like in an Italian Renaissance workshop, the learning process at Arsutoria School is based on the “learning by doing” method. In the beating heart of Milan and under the guidance of experienced and passionate teachers, the secret of our training is the continuous confrontation between teachers and students.


Teacher lessons

With our expert and passionate teachers

All the teaching contents, both the onsite classes and the online lessons, are prepared with the same care and a single goal: to build a learning path that is simple but effective.

Individual work

Learn by doing

“Learning by doing” has always been at the heart of our training. We guarantee an experience of doing also to those who participate online, sending the necessary material to work from home and assigning tasks and projects to assess the real understanding of each topic.

Revision with the teacher

Personalization of the course

In order to best express their talent, each student needs to be followed on an individual basis. That’s why the revision phase of the work, organized in small groups or individually, is the core of our teaching method, the pivotal moment of all our courses.

Why attend
Arsutoria School

If not in Arsutoria, where? We are the only international fashion school to have a unique and specific goal: to teach the art and secrets of footwear and leather goods.

Our alumni:

The professional success of our talents is our best business card and our greatest satisfaction. Becoming an Arsutoria student means writing the first chapter of your successful career.

Insights, news and special projects by Arsutoria School. Your updates in the footwear and leather goods industry.

Training in footwear factories

Frequentemente si legge nelle dichiarazioni degli imprenditori calzaturieri: “non ci sono più le orlatrici, mancano i tagliatori per i materiali pregiati, è impossibile trovare un premontatore o un modellista”. Il messaggio che sempre più spesso ci arriva da chi gestisce le fabbriche dove si fa il “made in Italy” è che mancano le figure tecniche specializzate che si occupino della produzione delle scarpe.
Cerchiamo allora di capire meglio come stanno le cose.

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