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Arsutoria School is the Italian excellence in design, pattern making and prototyping of footwear and leather goods

Shoe and bag courses
by Arsutoria School

In 2022, we have taken one more step forward in introducing a new curriculum in the field of digital design, launching a new version of the one-year diploma, which will see our students develop the prototypes of a capsule collection with the help of our dedicated tutors.

And if you can’t travel to Milan, you can attend our classes remotely, following the in-class schedule with a blended approach: pre-recorded video lessons and live reviews with our teachers. Contact us to learn more

Year long masters


Created to offer an in-depth, complete and integrated educational program for every aspect of shoemaking, the one-year diploma offers a unique and prestigious career path in the footwear industry.


Designed to offer a rich, complete and integrated educational path in all aspects of the product, the one-year diploma offers a unique and prestigious professional training in the bag industry.


Dedicated to those who are interested in extending their technical and design training to include not only shoes, but also leather goods, we propose a 56-week course that is the most complete program in the world for fashion accessory training.

Specialization paths

specialization paths


Not just a course for aspiring pattern makers, but a legacy of unique knowledge for all those who would like to better understand what happens “behind the scenes” when an idea becomes a product.


The first step in the world of shoe design is to acquire the ability to use sketching and illustration tools to be able to visually communicate your creative ideas to pattern makers and technicians.


We have enriched and renewed the course of bag pattern making and prototyping, expanding it to 15 weeks in order to equip you with a solid technical and design culture of this accessory.


Creating a collection means developing a project that remains coherent and unique in all its various phases, from the idea to the physical product. Creativity requires first and foremost the skills for expressing it.

specialization paths

Shoe short courses


The quality of these products lies in the harmony of the different parts that are combined to give life to unique objects.


Sneakers today can no longer be simply classified as a “trend”, having become a genuine product category onto themselves, which is destined to remain on the market and continue to dominate it over time.


Hand drawing and rendering with colored markers, sole design, Photoshop and Illustrator.


3D design with iCAD3D+, 3D soles focus with Rhino, PBR materials and rendering.


Methodology of planning and designing a shoe collection.

Bag short courses


Learn how to make the most common models of bags


Hand drawing and rendering, metal accessories design, Photoshop and Illustrator.


3D bag design with CLO3D, 3D metal accessories focus with Rhino, PBR materials and rendering.


Methodology of planning and designing a bag collection.

Teaching Method

Like in an Italian Renaissance workshop, the learning process at Arsutoria School is based on the “learning by doing” method. In the beating heart of Milan and under the guidance of experienced and passionate teachers, the secret of our training is the continuous confrontation between teachers and students.


Teacher lessons

With our expert and passionate teachers

All the teaching contents, both the onsite classes and the online lessons, are prepared with the same care and a single goal: to build a learning path that is simple but effective.

Individual work

Learn by doing

“Learning by doing” has always been at the heart of our training. We guarantee an experience of doing also to those who participate online, sending the necessary material to work from home and assigning tasks and projects to assess the real understanding of each topic.

Revision with the teacher

Personalization of the course

In order to best express their talent, each student needs to be followed on an individual basis. That’s why the revision phase of the work, organized in small groups or individually, is the core of our teaching method, the pivotal moment of all our courses.

Why attend
Arsutoria School

If not in Arsutoria, where? We are the only international fashion school to have a unique and specific goal: to teach the art and secrets of footwear and leather goods.

Our alumni:

The professional success of our talents is our best business card and our greatest satisfaction. Becoming an Arsutoria student means writing the first chapter of your successful career.

On-demand online courses

We recently launched a selection of short, focused courses on very specific topics, to further enhance you knowledge of the footwear and leathergoods sector.

Video classes around 10 hours each that you can attend at your onw pace, wherever you are.

Insights, news and special projects by Arsutoria School. Your updates in the footwear and leather goods industry.

Fashion education in the time of covid

In search of a phrase that could summarise the values behind the Made in Italy of the future, to start talking about training, I came across this simple motto: “To date, it does not suffice that a fashion product is beautiful and well made: it must be beautiful, well made and sustainable”.

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