Corporate training and talent research

Arsutoria School offers a highly personalized training service dedicated to companies.

We help companies and organizations in the footwear and leather goods supply chain through targeted training aimed at developing human capital and specific skills to better face the global market.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our client companies through short and intensive workshops that can contribute to the growth and improvement of organizations.

Customized training for your company

Sales, purchasing, human resources, manufacturing, product development and employees managers.


Each company has its own history, its own specificity and its own needs, which is why Arsutoria School has always adopted a highly flexible and customized approach to plan, together with the customer, the development path that can best achieve the objectives pursued.


The success of our programs for companies is primarily due to the professionalism of the teachers, the flexibility of the online lessons and the dynamism of the in-class lessons, in most cases accompanied and integrated by laboratory activities and simulations of business processes.


Two internal laboratories dedicated to footwear and leather goods, two multimedia classrooms and a residence available to companies complete the service offered to our partners.

Are you a company or brand?

If your company or studio is looking for junior figures or professionals in the sector, contact our Placement office.

We will recommend the profiles that best suit the needs of your business by presenting you with a selection of targeted curricula, thus giving maximum visibility to students and optimizing selection times.

Are you a former student?

Are you a former student of the school, graduated a few years ago and with a good professional experience?

Arsutoria helps you to get in touch with companies in the sector looking for senior positions. Send us your Curriculum with a short cover letter.

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