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With over 70 years of experience at educating footwear and bags professionals and thanks to the strong connection with the industry both in Italy and abroad, Arsutoria School is your best bet if you want to launch your carrer in the footwear or leathergoods sector.

Your guide on how to secure a seat in our courses

Enhance your experience at Arsutoria School by staying at the Arsutoria Campus, in the same building of the school.

Everything you need to know to ensure a safe and hassle-free stay in Italy at Arsutoria School

Application, payment and refunds​


We accept a limited number of students and enrolment in our courses is on a first come, first serve basis.
Upon receiving your application the School issues:

  • a proposal with both tuition and accommodation fees (if any)
  • information on the number of seats available in each class – information on the dates of the next session of courses


Payment and refunds
To confirm participation and secure a seat in the class (and eventual accommodation), the student must pay a non-refundable registration fee of 30% of the tuition fee. The remaining 70% must be paid one month before the start of the course. If the student is unable to attend the course, the school will allow him/ her to attend a session in the following 12 months: the student will have to pay 30% of the tuition fee again.

After 12 months, the student will have to pay the full tuition. If a full payment has been made, the student may request a 70% refund by written request 45 days before the start of the course.

Withdrawal rights
Pursuant to Section 52 of the Italian Legislative Decree No. 206 of 2005 (Consumer Code), the Students, as defined in Section 3, letter a), of the Consumer Code, is entitled to cancel the Order Proposal, without any justification, by sending a specific withdrawal notice, by registered mail with return receipt requested, to ARSUTORIA SCHOOL S.r.l., Via Ippolito Nievo 33, 20145 Milan, Italy, or by certified e-mail to the address and a copy of the notice in advance to the e-mail address, within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of execution of the Proposal and the advance payment.

If the Student has already obtained documents concerning the courses and the accommodation, he or she shall send them back, intact, to Arsutoria School within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of the sending of the withdrawal notice, at the Student’s own expense. Arsutoria School will reimburse the advance payment received by the Student.

Student accommodation

Experience the thriving live of Milan

To enhance learning experience outside the classroom, we offer accommodation in the Arsutoria Residence, located in the same building of our school.

Being part of an international network of footwear professionals contributes to giving each student a continuously rich and incomparable experience in our school.

All apartments are equipped with WiFi internet access, heating and A/C. The prices include:

  • one weekly room cleaning
  • one weekly bedsheets replacement
  • two weekly towels replacement

The residence is located in Via Ippolito Nievo 33, walking distance from the center of Milan where most of the fashion retailers are located. It is very near the Cadorna and the Domodossola train/subway Stations.

Apartment examples

15% discount is granted for reservations of 4 weeks periods and more. We also offer accommodation in a double room, shared with another student.

Ask our admission office for further details


per week (10% VAT included)


Each studio is equipped with a comfortable 190x80cm single bed.


Equipped with a shower.


A full-sized kitchen is available in the common area.

Single room with kitchen

per week (10% VAT included)

Our studio apartments have a cabinet equipped with cooking plates, sink and refrigerator, which can be closed.

Sofa bed
Each studio is equipped with a comfortable 190x80cm single sofa bed, easy to use.

Available with either a shower or a bathtub.

Double room for single occupancy

per week (10% VAT included)

Kitchenette or kitchen
We offer apartments with separate kitchen and others with kitchenette in the open space of the living area

Double bedroom
You can choose apartments with separate bedroom or with a bed in the open space connected to the living area. Both double and twin beds are available.

VISAs for international students

If you are not from the European Union and you want to study in Italy, you must decide in advance how long you intend to stay. This page will help you evaluate your situation and provide all the necessary information to ensure a safe and hassle-free stay in Italy at Arsutoria School.

Less than three months:

A student VISA is not necessary, you can enter Italy as a tourist, but please notice that students from Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Macedonia, Georgia, Morocco, Peru, Serbia and Montenegro, Rumania, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine must obtain a tourist VISA in advance.

More than three months:

You must request a student VISA at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country and apply for a residence permit once you arrive in Italy. Please keep reading for detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Obtain a student VISA

You must request a student VISA at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Within 8 days by your arrival in Italy you also have to apply for a residence permit.

Students who enrol at Arsutoria School in Milan and request a student VISA must complete the online registration form and return it to Arsutoria School, with documentation of payment in full of the course selected.

Our school then provides valid certificates for obtaining a student VISA. It is not possible to cancel or change the dates of a course for which you have received a student VISA.

Each certificate must correspond to a specific course in which the student is enrolled.

If a student VISA application has been refused, the school allows to postpone the participation to a future session.

Alternatively 70% of the entire tuition fee can be reimbursed.

Students waiting for a VISA must immediately inform the school in case of delay in the VISA process or change in the date of their arrival.

Article n° 231

According to the aforementioned regulation, the VISA uniformity will be verified before the starting program or at its beginning, and if there were irregularities the School will have to report to the authorities. No refund is available in this case.

Documents needed to obtain a student VISA

Obtain a residence permit

If you are a non-EU national and plan to come to Italy for a period exceeding three months, you must apply for a residence permit. If it is your first time in Italy, you have 8 days to apply for a residence permit, after entering Italy. 

The validity of your residence permit is the same as that indicated on your VISA, for example:

  • up to 6 months for seasonal work or up to 9 months for seasonal work in the specific sectors requiring this extension
  • up to 1 year if you are attending a duly documented course of study or a vocational training course
  • up to 2 years for self-employment, open-ended employment and family reunification

Documents needed to obtain a residence permit

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