10 weeks

3D Accessories design

Now more than ever, to visualize and communicate a footwear collection in a realistic and complete way and to enhance its technical precision and aesthetic effectiveness, you need tools that speak an advanced virtual and visual language.


  • Aug 26, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024

Class schedule

Monday - Thursday
Morning 9:00AM - 12:30AM
Afternoon 1:30PM - 5:00PM

Tuition fees

€ 9,000.00

Tools that speak a common functional language not only for the designer and the manufacturer, but even for your present or future customer. In 10 weeks, we offer a complete training in 3D design, using main generic and footwear/bag specific softwares for 3D modelling. We teach the fundamental components of accessories, from the most basic concepts to the final and photorealistic rendering of the materials.

Along the last years, we have witnessed the birth of powerful softwares that are revolutionizing accessories 3D modelling. Thanks to its continuous collaboration with the industry, Arsutoria School has selected for this training program the most up to date ones used by professionals.

We have chosen CLO 3D, born for apparel designing and used by the most important fashion luxury brands, to be used for bag 3D modelling. We then offer a pioneeristic path that trains transversal professionals able to use this tool to create bag patterns.

You can also follow this course remotely with the aid of pre-recorded lessons and weekly live reviews with the teacher.
If you’re interested in this attendance modality, contact us.

3D modelling software offer in the footwear domain is extremely wide. We have selected ICad3D+, a footwear specific 3D modelling software with which we are developping important consulting projects with luxury brands. These brands have integrated in their creating and prototyping processes 3D modelling. Finally for the development of outsoles, heels and metal acessories for bags and shoes we have decided to teach Rhinoceros as it is an extremely powerful tool besided being very much used by industry professionals already.

About rendering: modelling a shoe or a bag is the basic but to be able to create a digital twin of a product it is necessary to apply materials to geometries and using a render tool able to create a photorealistic image.
Among the tools for 3D materials creation we have selected Adobe Substance. All of the 3D modelling softwares that we have selected, CLO, ICad3D+ and Rhinoceros perfectly match with this typology of materials rendering.

As within our 3D Lab, there are two 3D printers, a structured light 3D scanner and a 3D materials scanner, Arsutoria School effectively prints objects in 3D that are made during the course dedicated to the use of Rhinoceros.

Our most outstanding graduates will be selected to have the opportunity to work on industry projects that we run in collaboration with relevant industry brands. This is an extraordinary chance for graduates to further develop their skills on this amazing profession that is the 3D Accessories designer, not to mention the possibility to face and tackle the quality level required by professional 3D modelling for luxury brands.

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