Quality Policy

The quality policy is established, implemented and maintained by the MANAGEMENT in a coherent way to the context of Arsutoria School and it is faithful to the purposes for which it has been established, in particular it aims to regularly provide to the Customers and to the other Interested Parties services that meet the requirements.


Arsutoria School has identified, among all the Interested Parties, those considered relevant, in particular:

  • Committee Customer
    • Company that enroll an employee
    • User that enroll at his own expenses
  • User Customer (participants to the courses)
  • Local Administration (Lombardia region, Local Health Authority)
  • National Administration (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Suppliers – Trainers
  • Suppliers – Companies
  • Certification bodies
  • Public opinion (brand, social)
  • People inside the organization
  • Supervisory body, Board of Directors


To fulfill its policy Arsutoria School operates:

  • using financial resources acquired according to its own management capabilities
  • providing professional resources (Project Leader, trainers, Course leaders, collaborators, lab technicians, interpreters) with the appropriate competences, adequate facilities ( classrooms, laboratories), adequate equipments and materials, and appropriate teaching methodologies
  • ensuring a problem prevention oriented approach through:
    • Monitoring activities and Audit, to verify the coherence between the goals set by the Customer and the goals reached during the provision of our services and to verify the understanding of the Quality Policy
    • Analysis of the causes of the Non-Compliance in order to identify possible actions to prevent them from repeating
    • identification and periodic review, during the Management Review, of the risks of not achieving the goals
  • monitoring the degree of satisfaction thanks to specific satisfaction questionnaires
  • periodically reviewing the quality indicators
  • constantly evaluating the opportunities to develop the services
  • providing the needed resources to keep under control the Action Plans necessary to reduce the risks and monitoring their implementation
  • committing in the continuous improvement of the quality management system
  • providing the appropriate information to the RELEVANT INTERESTED PARTIES in order to:
    • ensure the necessary effectiveness of the identified operating processes and the efficient control of the services provided
    • ensure that continuous improvement process that allows Arsutoria School not only to maintain but also to increase its roots in the industry in which it works by raising the quality of its services.


To ensure that the Policy is appropriate to support its strategie guidelines, Arsutoria School:

  • COMMITS ITSELF TO PROPERLY RELATE TO THE EXTERNAL CONTEXT to meet the requirements of the reference market
  • COMMITS ITSELF TO PROPERLY RELATE TO THE INTERNAL CONTEXT, in particular for the continuous update of the internal resources’ competences in the performance of their activities and in meeting the requirements of the other INTERESTED PARTIES
  • COMMITS ITSELF TO KEEP ADEQUATE QUALITY SYSTEM according to the applicable UNI EN ISO 9001 requirements
  • COMMITS ITSELF TO SCRUPULOUSLY FOLLOW THE MANDATORY RULES according to the applicable legislation, as a guarantee to its staff and external resources involved in the services, and more generally, to the all INTERESTED PARTIES

In particular, regarding the objectives of the quality, the MANAGEMENT commits himself to define, quantifying and measuring the objectives in relation to efficiency and quality of the direct processes connected to service certified.

The Quality Policy is annually reviewed during the Management Review; any changes will be reported in the document posted on the Arsutoria School notice board.

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