15 weeks

Shoe pattern making and prototyping course

Pattern Making and prototyping a shoe is a challenge that requires a blending between stylistic idea, the materials chosen, and the construction of the product. Italian pattern makers are known around the world for having given shape to extraordinary shoes that appear on the most important catwalks of the international fashion system with each new season.


  • Aug 26, 2024 - Dec 05, 2024

  • Jan 07, 2025 - Apr 18, 2025

  • Apr 23, 2025 - Aug 06, 2025

  • Sep 01, 2025 - Dec 12, 2025

Class schedule

Monday - Friday
Morning 9:00AM - 1:00PM
Afternoon 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Tuition fees

€ 12,000.00

The Arsutoria School Technical approach is internationally recognized by the industry as the par excellence course of reference. The system is based on the school proprietary pattern making techniques born for women and men shoes. Along the years the program has been integrated with sneaker constructions and enriched with sample room training as well as 2D modelling.

This 15-week path is the evolution of our traditional training course because it integrates the skills of creating patterns with many hours of sample room dedicated at discovering the secrets of stitching, the art that completes pattern making with prototyping the uppers ready to be lasted.

A unique experience also on the Italian panorama of technical professional training in the footwear industry because it needs dedicated personnel, materials, and machinery.

It begins with women’s footwear, the crowning achievement of Made in Italy manufacturing, representing a bona fide architectural feat in style. It then continues with the construction of men’s shoes, products where the artisanal orientation is still the main feature characterising high-end productions. The path ends with sneakers, a product that can no longer be classified as a trend, but which has become a genuine product category unto itself.

Most of the time is spent between the classroom and our shoe sample room, among paper, cardboard, microfibre, leather, and fabrics, with hours dedicated to pattern drawing, cutting, and measuring, but also skiving, preparing, and stitching.

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