3D courses on shoes and bags at Arsutoria School

Embrace the future of shoes and bags design with 3D modeling and rendering at Arsutoria School.

Explore captivating student projects, where video game and cinema software unleash creativity. With advanced digitalization tools and 3D prototyping, bring your ideas to life while saving time and costs. Join us and revolutionize the world of shoe and bag design.

What you will learn

3D modeling

Representing shoes and bags in 3D is becoming more and more important. Sustainability requirements push the industry in reducing the number of samples made and materials used. Today 3D is ready to support it therefore the industry goes in this direction. Have a look at the 3D classes to see some of the projects made by our students. In the last years, we have created mixed groups with instructors and students to work on partner brands’ projects.

3D outsoles design

3D design is a consolidated skill in the footwear industry. Our students learn the fundamentals of thinking of a shoe sole in 3D. Sketching on paper is not enough: professional need to be able to imagine all the details of the object if they really want to drive their creativity towards a real product. Our students spend several hours working with 3D design of soles

3D bags hardware

Hardware is a critical part of a bag, it makes it recognizable and unique. At Arsutoria we spend several hours during the bag 3D design course to study the hardware components of the bags: we design them, we make the 3D models and we can event prototype them with 3D printing.

Materials digitalization and rendering

Softwares born for video games and cinema opened up to unimaginable opportunities until a few years ago. Scanner and software for advanced digitalization of materials have led to reaching astonishing realistic images . At Arsutoria School we have a scanner for materials that we use to bring 3D projects to a higher quality level.

3D printing

Reducing timing and costs through 3D prototyping is an extraordinary opportunity to fine tune design idea, outsoles, components and metalwares. At Arsutoria School we have 2 3D digitizers. 3 3D printers and a materials scanner to work on different kind of materials.

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