Shoe One-Year Diploma

360° training on footwear

Created to offer an in-depth, complete and integrated educational program for every aspect of shoemaking, the one-year diploma offers a unique and prestigious career path in the footwear industry.

Starts in

January, April, September

Program length

38 weeks

Tuition fees

22.000€ - VAT Exempt


English and Italian


Onsite or Online

Our most in-depth program for shoe professionals

Tradition and innovation, rules of know-how and design methodology: classic artisanal techniques, advanced digital tools, and design culture that opens the mind to the future. A path that ends with the development of a small shoe collection that sums up each student’s individual ability to blend creativity with technical expertise.

If you want to become a complete and knowledgeable professional figure, who can take on any role dealing with the product in the footwear industry, with a technical and design culture par excellence worldwide recognized, the one-year shoe diploma is without a doubt the right choice for you.

Target students

The program is dedicated to those who:

  • Want to deep dive in the footwear sector
  • Wish to learn how to create a brand of shoes
  • Want to learn the best practices of the industry from lifelong experts and technicians
  • Value Italy as the place to learn how to develop fashion shoes

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

The One-Year Shoe Diploma includes three interconnected educational “missions”:

The 15-week technical training course has the aim of providing you with the technical tools needed for the pattern making and prototyping of men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and sneakers.

It begins with an introduction to shoe lasts and then continues with the rules of pattern making, the undisputed legacy of the Arsutoria school, but also includes practical skills like the stitching of the first upper prototype of the shoe.

A complete path, with an emphasis on laboratory work, enriched by the Shoemaster CAD software, which is one of the leading software programs for technical pattern making in the sector.

The 15-week shoe design course begins by acquiring the tools needed for hand drawing and illustration of shoes and their components, with a focus on the design of the soles.

The course continues with training in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator graphic software, iCAD3D+ software for 3D modelling of the shoe, and Rhinoceros for 3D design of soles.

The last part of the course focuses on the acquisition of the tools needed to create and develop a shoe collection including how to find inspiration in trends, how to depict your ideas, and how to find materials and lasts for expressing your creativity, transforming it into a coherent and innovative project, which will serve as the basis of your portfolio in future projects.

The final 8-week project represents a blending of the previous two paths of technical training and design: a capsule collection of shoes that will be conceived, designed, and prototyped with the support of Arsutoria school’s technicians.

A unique experience on the panorama of Italian and international fashion schools made possible by the technical skills and laboratorial structures at the leading school for shoemaking in the footwear industry.


Please notice that the final project is exclusively reserved for those students who attend the one-year diploma on-site.

Can't travel TO ITALY?

Attend this course remotely

Program length

28 weeks

Tuition Fees

16.000 € - VAT Exempt

Attendable online through pre-recorded lectures, live webinars and weekly reviews with a dedicated instructor. You will follow the same class schedule of the students taking the course in-class, and are expected to participate in live activities and the weekly reviews of your progress.

Online version does not include sample room activities and the final project.

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