On-demand shoe courses

Once available only in Italy and select cities in the United States, this exceptional training is now accessible to everyone online. Empower your career in the shoe industry. Learn the secrets of Italian shoe making from experienced technicians in the comfort of your own home.

Access more than 10 hours of video lectures on topics such as Footwear Constructions, Footwear Materials and Components, Footwear production processes, and much more.




Introduction to the world of footwear

The topics of our shoe making courses online cover the different styles of footwear, the production processes of a collection and the materials used for footwear production. All courses are delivered in English and Italian.

You can buy a single course or subscribe to all three courses at a special price of 600 €

What will you learn from these footwear online courses?

  • Terminologies and technicalities related to the world of footwear
  • How to turn your creative insights into saleable products
  • All the secrets of making a shoe
  • All components of elegant and sporty footwear

A message from Paolo, our technical director

Footwear Silhouettes

€ 300

for 3 months access

Each field has its own specific vocabulary. The footwear sector is no exception. Knowing the terminology related to footwear is important to fully understand how they are made and to acquire the technical language necessary to acquire a high level of expertise.

Life of a shoe

€ 300

for 3 months access

Inside the "Shoe" is literally a world. In this course you will learn to understand how to trigger the creation of a shoe and analyze every function useful for its production. This course also focuses on the entire life cycle of a shoe.

Materials and components

€ 300

for 3 months access

Shoe professionals need to be aware of the different material options for all parts of footwear top to bottom, visible and invisible. Understanding that it all starts with the last enhances their knowledge.

Bundle up!

Footwear Silhouettes + Life of a shoe + Materials & Components

€ 600

for 3 months access

Buy all three courses together and at a special price. Your account will be activated within 24 hours after receipt of payment.