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Arsutoria e-Learning: online footwear courses70 years of experience in training footwear professionals is now available on the web

Footwear professionals all over the world have relied on Arsutoria for advanced training in the art of shoe making since the 1940’s

Once available only in Italy and select cities in the United States, this exceptional training is now accessible to everyone online. Empower your career in the shoe industry. Learn the secrets of Italian shoe making from experienced technicians in the comfort of your own home.

Access more than 10 hours of video lectures on topics such as Footwear ConstructionsFootwear Materials and Components, Footwear production processes, and much more.

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Watch online lectures with senior technicians who incorporate graphics and videos to fully explain subject matter


Test your progress answering multiple choice questions at the end of each lesson


Certify your achievements with an
Arsutoria Certificate


Footwear silhouettes + Life of a shoe + Material introduction
€ 600 for 3 months access

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Available courses

Footwear silhouettes
€ 300 for 3 months access

In each industry many specific terms are used. That’s what happens in field of footwear without exception. There are names of components used in the manufacturing process and names of different shoe silhouettes. Silhouettes is what this course is about.

Life of a shoe
€ 300 for 3 months access

The “shoe” is greater than the sum of its parts. What brings a shoe to life and the role and function of each part is covered in detail. This online course is comprised of 7 lessons each of which focuses on the shoe’s life cycle.

Material introduction
€ 300 for 3 months access

Footwear is comprised up of many different materials. The choices that are made in materials impact cost, quality and comfort. We may think mostly of the upper material because that is what is most visible but we have invisible materials as well. The last and soles are also critical materials to footwear.

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