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Introduction on how shoes are made

The topics of our shoe making courses online cover the different styles of footwear, the production processes of a collection and the materials used for footwear production. All courses are delivered in English and Italian.

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What will you learn from these footwear online course?

  • Terminologies and technicalities related to the world of footwear

  • How to turn your creative insights into saleable products

  • All the secrets of making a shoe

  • All components of elegant and sporty footwear

A message from Paolo, our technical director

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How shoes are made: men's footwear

€ 500

An attractive shape, quality leather, stitched leather sole, and many details that are often invisible except to the eyes of those who genuinely love these products. The men’s shoe is like good Italian wine: a blending of raw materials assembled in accordance with ancient and meticulous rules. A product to be worn, but also to be taken care of, since its appeal remains intact over time.

How shoes are made: women's footwear

€ 500

The women’s shoe is architecture and perfection: the quality of these products lies in the harmony of the different parts that are combined to give life to unique objects. Destined to increase the sensuality of women, they have always been at the centre of the debate on comfort.

How shoes are made: sneakers

€ 500

Sneakers today can no longer be simply classified as a “trend”, having become a genuine product category onto themselves. Although in Arsutoria we have fun personalising the sneakers of leading brands or disassembling and remounting them, the aim of this course is to teach you how to technically develop the patterns and the prototype of a sneaker.

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Led by industry experts, you’ll learn the fundamentals of shoe design and pattern making for men’s, women’s and sneaker shoes. You’ll gain insights on the different types of shoes, and learn how to create patterns that are both stylish and functional.

Led by Paolo Marenghi

Technical director and senior professor at Arsutoria School


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