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Can classes be taken online and onsite?

Yes of course, Individual classes, paths and 1-year Diplomas can be taken both online and onsite. It all depends on your personal time availability and training need.

The training output is the same regardless of taking it online or onsite for the great majority of our classes. The ONLY different training outcome can be found in the pattern making and prototyping classes (Technical Path) as ONLINE program focuses on pattern making ONLY as the prototyping component can be addressed only when using a sample room therefore in Milan.

When taking classes online you will be exposed to the same contents that you would be taking onsite and will also be involved in several moments where you will be able to share your ideas and clarify your doubts with instructors and classmates.

How do online classes work?

Online classes are a mix of:

  • Pre-recorded video classes (that you can take whenever you want and therefore also watch again while taking exercises/learning at your own pace);
  • Specific webinars where you will have the opportunity to interact with instructors and classmates (in case you may not be able to attend it, you will receive the recording of it) and individual/group reviews (through webinars) of the work in progress.


Please notice that as online classes follow the same calendar of onsite ones, although students can follow pre-recorded videos at their own time/pace, they still need to follow the specific agenda of the program as they need to hand in exercises, individual works and attend individual reviews.

What are the means of payment?

What are the means of payment and the fee structure?

You may pay tuition fees by credit card and wire transfer.
When you will be ready to pay, we shall send you a link where you will see the fee amount in your local currency.

Students pay a 30% down payment at time of enrolment so to reserve their seat in the program and then pay the balance fee 1 month prior to program beginning.

What is the Language spoken in class?

Italian and English. Our instructors, classes material and all relationships that you will have at Arsutoria School, will be in both languages. Online too, our classes are held in English and Italian.

How long before the program start should I apply?

As per the school’s limited capacity, we advise to apply AT LEAST 5 months prior to program beginning (you may as well enquire about how many seats are left in the program after this deadline, as there may be cancellations). In a few words, do not waste time so not to miss your seat in the program.

How long before the program beginning should I enroll?

You should complete enrolment 120 days prior to Program beginning so to have enough time to apply for a study VISA. Please notice that Consulates require a period from 4 to 12 weeks to give visas therefore to avoid any delays we HIGHLY advise earlier applications and enrolments. HOWEVER, please connect with the Admissions Manager at ALL times to verify class capacity (remember that all our classes have a limited capacity) and enrolment/cancellation terms as, although you may have missed the earlier application, you may STILL be able to apply/enroll and get the visa ON TIME.

What are the prerequisites to be admitted?

Given our hands-on approach and the specific nature of our teachings, students do not need to meet any prerequisite.
If you are already clear about the learning modality that you wish to apply for and you are interested in one of our courses/paths/diplomas starting either next month or within the next 3 months time frame, you may contact us and/or schedule a video call with us.

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