Discover Arsutoria

Since 1947, Arsutoria has been offering its students highly specialized diplomas and training paths, providing them with the skills to express their talent in making and designing shoes and bags all over the world.

Our students work for the best international fashion brands: Prada, Nike, Versace, Hermés, Birkenstock, Michael Kors, Puma, Adidas, Valentino and many others.

Our core values

Arsutoria School is recognized today as the best school in the world for footwear and leather goods professionals.

We firmly believe that a career in footwear and handbags must be based on a deep knowledge of the product: design techniques, design, materials, components and construction.

Our courses are entrusted to the best experts, craftsmen and leaders of Made in Italy, chosen to seed and nurture the talent of our students.


From Milan to the world

Our offices are located in the center of Milan, the capital of fashion, the ideal place to build your network and to enter directly into the world of design and production of shoes and bags.

Our school has a strong international tradition. Our students come from over 50 countries, and most of our educational offerings can now be attended online all over the world.

Partnerships and collaborations

International courses

We organize courses and workshops all over the world for some of the best footwear companies in the world, in collaboration with the associations of the sector: United States, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and South Korea.

Collaboration with other schools

We export our knowledge to fashion management and design schools to offer classes on technical design for their students. Among them: Istituto Marangoni and Domus Academy in Italy, TafTC in Singapore, the University of Oregon in the USA.

Tailormade training

Together with leading companies, we have developed and implemented customized programs to improve employee knowledge and skills. We’ve worked with Adidas, Nike, Tod’s and Valentino.


Do you know why our logo is a bird?

The commonly named tailor bird (Orthotomus Sutorius) lives in the forests of south-eastern Asia. The name derives from its extraordinary ability to build a nest: this small bird, in fact, sews the edges of two large leaves with blades of grass, which then pads inside and in which it lays its eggs.