Technical courses on shoes and bags at Arsutoria School

Arsutoria School is where design dreams take shape. From manual techniques to advanced CAD software, you’ll master the art of pattern making.

With industrial machinery and expert guidance, you’ll understand material behavior for flawless product development. Your creations come to life and shine on design contests and runways. It all culminates in precise fit testing, striking photo shoots, and insightful critiques. Arsutoria School is your key to a vibrant future in the footwear industry.

What you will learn

How shoes and bags are made

Constructions, styles, materials, components are the pillars that everyone working in the industry should master. The understanding of the role of reinforcements in bags or of the options available for edge finishing in shoes are critical skills for all. Our instructors spend sereral hours showing what happens behind the scenes at the factories both finish product manufacturers and material suppliers.

Pattern making

Pattern creation is the essential passage to achieve a product, starting from a design idea, the pattern maker is the architect designing footwear and bags. We dedicate many hours to learn how patterns are made. At first manually, as per tradition and then using CAD softwares to be quicker, more precise and more digital.


Manual pattern making with cutters, tape and cardboard sets the foundations such as a pencil for sketching. But very soon we push our students to move to the use of CAD software. A digital attitude even to technical jobs is becoming increasingly important today

Sample room activities

At Arsutoria School, we make products using industrial machineries. Understanding how the object is built and how materials behave is fundamental for a correct product development.
The same instructors that you will find in the sample rooms, organise and carry out training programs for Italian factories to train manufacturing technicians that make shoes and bags for most renown high end fashion brands.

Industry lectures

Bags and Footwear are created in extended production chain sectors with a limitless production possibilities. Knowing the field, processes and the several involved actors is critical to get involved in the industry quickly and effectively.
Arsutoria is also a distinguished magazine in the field (the largest B2B sector publisher in Italy) with an extensive network. Thanks to it, we are able to host experts for in-depth analysis and to manage and share a large specific data.

Visit to factories

in the area of Milan we are gifted with the presence of amazing factories that manufacture shoes for luxury brands. During our technical course we always organize a visit to a factory to be able to see how manufacturing of shoes and bags are organized in Italian factories

Fit testing

Our products need to be worn and used as Arsutoria School will bring them to design contests and catwalks anytime we shall have this opportunity.
The last days of the One-year Diploma program are dedicated to fit testing, final photo shooting of products and final critique discussions with instructors on results achieved.

A student at Arsutoria checking the fit of her own sneaker

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