Shoe Collection line building course

Five weeks of full immersion in conceiving and developing the creative part of the project using skills, strategy, and methodology, through the knowledge, analysis, and elaboration of the many elements that come together in the conception and development of a successful collection.

Starts in

2023: July
2024: March

Program length

5 weeks

Tuition fees

4.500€ - VAT Exempt


English and Italian


Onsite or Online

Get an extensive knowledge of the process of developing a collection in all of its steps

You will have the chance to become familiar with and learn about the process of brand creation, the marketing and communication strategies through which a brand successfully reaches its consumer target; the planning of the framework of the collection, the merchandising plan with the correct balance between new trends and market needs; and an understanding of and ability to research the most appropriate materials for the kind of style and product you are realising with a focus on the most innovative sustainable materials.

Target students

This program is particularly beneficial to:

  • designers who want to understand how to enhance the brand they currently work for, and who want to learn about the “marketing side” of the industry, in order to grow professionally
  • those who would like to launch their own brand of shoes, despite having no experience in the field, and want to understand, in a short time, the fundamentals of branding and marketing

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

Program of design a collection of shoes:

We’ll start from an analysis of case histories of successful brands that have transformed simple fashion products into timeless objects of desire. We will analyse critical factors, starting from the values and identity of the brand that have allowed its collections and iconic products to make headway on the market in their respective segments.

  • conceiving products from both a creative and marketing perspective
  • developing samples understanding critical investment and material issues
  • launch a production dealing with factories

In order to

  • deal with different people in the industry and make the communication more effective
  • understand the area where you can express your talent at the best
  • choose the right material for your project. 
  • More and more fashion companies are committed to finding sustainable and circular solutions in their materials selection.  Our attention is more and more to select materials compliant with the most important global standard certifications.

We will then analyse how it is possible to plan the framework of a collection, the merchandising plan with the correct balance of products and pricing levels, the equilibrium between knowing how to intercept new trends and focusing on products with the potential of generating important volumes. We will also take a look at investments in new structures versus product carry over and at variants in materials and colours.

Focusing on the creation of a strong, original, and unique project concept, along with the best practices for effectively presenting it to the market will be fundamental.

The next step will be learning about and choosing the most appropriate materials for the development and creation of the project. In footwear, this theme is even more important when deciding how to use the materials to make the design unique. In this phase, it will be necessary to consider costs and the time needed to source materials and components.

Finally, there will be the individual work that goes into creating your very own original idea of a shoe collection, which will include constant interaction with and the guidance of Arsutoria professors, who will help develop the details of the collection project.

This project will serve as the basis in creating a portfolio at the end of the course, and for students participating in the one-year shoe diploma or accessories diploma course, it will fine-tune the designs from which samples will eventually be made.

Can't travel TO ITALY?

Attend this course remotely

Program length

5 weeks

Tuition Fees

3.750 € - VAT Exempt

Attendable online via pre-recorded lessons and live sessions, with constant reviews and online meetings with the instructors.

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