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meet our talents - Giulia Iannaccone

The students are the real treasure of Arsutoria School. Bound to the school by a sense of belonging and sharing, they are the spokesmen of its values in the whole world.

This is how Meet Our Talents was born, from the desire to give visibility to our most talented students and former students through a space that tells their study paths.

The first story we would like to tell you in this section is that of Giulia Iannaccone, a very young girl with clear ideas who is determined to make her dream come true: to become an accessories designer.

Giulia’s path at Arsutoria School

Born in 1996, Giulia has always had a strong passion for the world of fashion and accessories. After a three-year degree in Fashion Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, she decided to specialise in leather accessories, obtaining a One-Year Accessories Diploma from Arsutoria School.

Despite her family’s initial scepticism, Giulia enrolled in the course in September 2019 and for a whole year pursued her path with determination and enthusiasm, moving easily from the pencil, through which she shapes her creations, to a modeller’s bench, where she meticulously carves out every single detail of her prototype and follows the entire development process in the school’s lab.

accessories designer - Giulia Iannaccone

Her aim is to learn, literally by getting her hands dirty. She wants to understand how shoes and bags are designed, how the different components are assembled and sewn together and to discover everything that is hidden behind this fascinating world of Made in Italy.

With curiosity and a lot of motivation she follows all the modules of the course, alternating lessons in our labs with remote lessons. She delves into all aspects of shoe design, as well as leather goods: from the design, to the model, through to the creation of the prototype.

And it is because of her enthusiasm and dedication that Giulia was selected by the school to take part in MICAM Milano’s international In My Shoes contest. Together with her classmate, Giulia presented the Orango Sneaker project to the jury as a symbol of a very important environmental message.

Thanks to this project, she won the second prize, giving her the chance to see her most innovative prototype made.

Accessories designer - Giulia Iannaccone

Profession: accessories designer

Although Giulia’s intensive training course has only just ended, she has already started working with companies and her story has been selected by Regione Lombardia for the campaign “La moda raccontata dai suoi professionisti” (“Fashion told by its professionals”), created to inspire young boys and girls to embark on this stimulating career in the world of footwear and leather goods.

At the end of her training, Giulia wanted to thank the school and the teachers and did so in a long post on her Instagram profile, which we would like to share with you.

accessories designer - Giulia Iannaccone

“This picture is not perfect, it is a post that will interest few and perhaps bore many, but for me it is perhaps the most important. For the last few years I have been working and studying. But today I am taking off my pupil’s robes completely. This does not mean that I will stop learning, because as in any profession you never finish, but for me it is the end of a cycle that has lasted for many years. This photo fully represents my stubbornness in pursuing a dream that only I believed in a year and a half ago. Then I met you, we worked hard but you also taught me a lot just like the best masters do and that I was lucky enough to meet. Every day I went from shoes to bags, from industrial machines to 3D software, from pencil and ruler to dies and hammer with a speed and versatility that I didn’t even imagine I could have. Most of all, I have spent so much time with you and within these walls that, although I know that my work with you does not end here because we have projects together, I leave this role as a pupil with so much love and melancholy. When I think of myself a year and a half ago, I was a different person, you gave me the tools, the confidence and you believed in me as perhaps no one has ever done before. You gave me projects that were bigger than me, but with your hand on my shoulder I was able to successfully complete them. When you hear people say to you: “you are a war machine” or “don’t you ever get tired?” and I didn’t feel tired at all, you understand that you have found your way. The most important thing is that you have given me direction and great confidence in myself. I will be forever grateful for all of this. @arsutoriaschool”.

We thank her for these beautiful words and we wish her the best of luck for her future. Ad maiora!

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