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We are the leading school for training in design, modeling and prototyping of shoes and bags.

We are located in the heart of Milan, the fashion capital of the world, but all our courses can also be attended digitally.

You can choose "live online" learning, a guarantee of excellence where you will join other students in a virtual class, or start a customized path thanks to our library of on-demand courses.

Our live online courses

Join other students in an online class with our teachers

Diploma courses


Our yearly and six-months flagship programs that confer a diploma of international value.
Educational paths, divided between footwear, handbags and accessories, which aim to form a complete professional figure able to access one of the leading sectors of today’s fashion.

Career paths

Our tailor-made course bundles

A range of learning experiences designed for students and professionals that want to kickstart or advance their careers. Pick your own Path among these options: Designer, Patternmaker, Technician, Entrepreneur, Sneakerhead. Discover our short and full time training courses curated by the great experts of Arsutoria School.

Or, build your own learning path

PICK the right courses for you

You can choose from our full catalog of specialization courses and build the path that best suits your needs.

Our on-demand courses

Build and follow your own training path from the comfort of your home

Introduction to
the art of shoemaking

master the fundamentals

The topics of our shoe making courses online cover the different styles of footwear, the production processes of a collection and the materials used for footwear production. All courses are delivered in English and Italian.

Bag pattern making masterclass

Make your own bags

Our online video courses on the world of handbags are coming soon, a comprehensive guide to the main processes involved in the bag making. Subscribe to the waitlist, we will notify you as soon as the courses are available.

Teaching Method

Like in an Italian Renaissance workshop, the learning process at Arsutoria School is based on the “learning by doing” method. In the beating heart of Milan and under the guidance of experienced and passionate teachers, the secret of our training is the continuous confrontation between teachers and students.


Teacher lessons

With our expert and passionate teachers

All the teaching contents, both the onsite classes and the online lessons, are prepared with the same care and a single goal: to build a learning path that is simple but effective.

Individual work

Learn by doing

“Learning by doing” has always been at the heart of our training. We guarantee an experience of doing also to those who participate online, sending the necessary material to work from home and assigning tasks and projects to assess the real understanding of each topic.

Revision with the teacher

Personalization of the course

In order to best express their talent, each student needs to be followed on an individual basis. That’s why the revision phase of the work, organized in small groups or individually, is the core of our teaching method, the pivotal moment of all our courses.

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