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Shoe pattern making courses in Milan, Italy

In 12 week learn how to make patterns of different kind of shoes
Arsutoria School is the only fashion school in Italy with its own shoe factory inside.
Housing available for students in the same building of the school.

Since 1947 we have trained countless professionals in the field of shoe design and patternmaking.

Our short courses in the field of shoe pattern making

We have been teaching pattern making for more than 70 years, no doubt Arsutoria School teachers are the worldwide experts in training the new generations of shoe designers and technicians. Pattern making is the what you need to learn to translate a creative idea in a technical project of a shoe ready to be made in a factory.

12 weeks

Shoe pattern making and prototyping course

The 12 week class is the fundamental of our training since 1947. Most of the training hours are dedicated to learn upper pattern making techniques, and the last weeks students make their own prototype in our footwear factory inside the school.

4 weeks

Sneaker pattern making & prototyping course

Intensive course for students who want to deepen their knowledge in the most popular shoes in recent years: sneakers, both fashion and performance

Shoe design short courses

If you have a limited time for your shoe design training you can consider our short courses. They are all full time intensive and you will be surprised with the amount of knowledge and skills that you will be able to get in a such a limited time. Our courses cover different topics such as shoe hand sketching, the use of Photoshop and Illustrator, the use of 3D design software but also how to create a merchandise plan and how start up a collection of shoes with a factory If you wish to go more in depth please take a look at our Shoe Design Master below

4 weeks

Shoe 3D digital course

A full immersion course on modeling and rendering your shoe designs using cutting-edge 3D software

3 weeks

Shoe design course

Dedicated to those who wish to launch their own brand of shoes and to those who wish to work as shoe designers in a company.

2 weeks

Sneaker design course

Take up the challenge of conceiving and designing an original sneaker that knows how to tell a story, its story, in a unique and authentic way.

4 days

Shoe brand startup course

A 4-day consultancy course where startup brands learn how to approach the design of their first collection and how to work with factories

1 week

Shoe branding and marketing strategy course

How is a successful brand defined and created, which marketing and communication strategies are the ones that will create the new “dream” for consumers

2 weeks

Introduction to Shoe design course

A 2-week course to get introduced to shoe designing both manually and digitally with Adobe® Illustrator and Photoshop.

Shoe Design Master

Dedicated to those that wish to get a 360° training in the field of shoe design and shoe making. We offer a special promotion to take all our shoe courses with a discounted price

30 weeks

Students will be challenged with a complete program that will provide a deep overlook of the knowledge required nowadays by the industry. The approach of the course is practical so, not only students will learn every aspect of shoemaking: from design to pattern making through a wide variety of technical patterns for both woman and man from casual to dressy styles but will also have the opportunity to deep dive into materials.

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