Professional Development on Footwear Manufacturing

Industry alignment footwear workshop in Detroit

The focus of this workshop is to achieve a greater understanding of the processes of manufacturing and production of different types of shoe constructions and extensive knowledge of the materials used within each stage of the process.

Starts in

September 11th - 15th, 2023

Program length

5 days

Tuition fees

€ 2750




Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design 200 Walker St Detroit, MI 48207

Arsutoria School world-renown training in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

This workshop brings manufacturing, design, and construction expertise of Arsutoria back to the United States. As one of the first international professional development workshops in the US, running for more than 10 years with the proven success of training more than 1000 US professionals, and 75 years of footwear training programs in Italy, we commit to the knowledge advancement and success of each participant.

Target students

Designers, Product developers as well as Material Sourcing Experts, Managers, Retailers, Costing Analysts and Merchandisers, Footwear Technicians, Creative Directors, Textile operative.

Anyone at any level (from newcomers to experienced professionals) interested/motivated in understanding processes from Footwear development to construction


Arsutoria goes to Detroit!

Arsutoria School + Pensole

Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design, created in 2010, educates emerging design students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to develop creative, technical, and formative skills for employment pathways in the footwear product development positions. Within the heart of Detroit, Pensole combines teaching methodology of experiential learning, industry professionals, and open-access enrollment opportunities.

The relationship between Arsutoria and Pensole is founded on shared values such as the research for excellence, the connection with the industry, the passion for the product and the conviction that people come first. We have respected and admired each other since the beginning. Now it is time to join forces.
Matteo Pasca
CEO, Arsutoria School
I am honored to be partnering with the best shoemaking school in the world in Arsutoria. It has always been a goal of mine for us to work together because I know together we can develop the next generation of our industry.
D'Wayne Edwards
President, Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design

Paolo Marenghi

Technical Director and Senior Teacher

Arsutoria School

Paolo is the technical director at Arsutoria School and the leader of the program both in Italy and in the US. During more than 25 years, as an instructor, he has educated a countless number of shoe designers and pattern makers. During this course Paolo will explain the manufacturing processes step by step for different shoe constructions and he will show how the different materials and components used in every step of the manufacturing process contribute to the final quality of the shoe. Being an expert pattern engineer, he will demonstrate how material consumptions and yields are calculated.

Suzette Henry

Director Color Materials and Global Strategies

Pensole Footwear Design Academy

Suzette Henry is the Color and Material Dir. for Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design and the founder of the MLab Collective.
The MLab Collective is unique in being a robust partner for diverse suppliers to showcase their seasonal products for students who attend Pensole Lewis College. Ms.Henry curates the CMF curriculum for brands as well as stand-alone workshops providing instruction in the following: leather, smart fibers, performance packages such as Ariaprene, and innovative leather replacements like Clarino. Shoemaking is about providing solutions through CMF.
Ms. Henry has worked in the product creation industry for more than 3 decades, specializing in creating learning libraries with a focus on color influencers, curated material spaces, and problem-solving through a sustainable lens.

Contents of the course:

Fundamentals on shoemaking

The relationship between the human foot and the footwear going through the shoe last. A deep dive into the parameters used in the shoe last development covers production, analysis of length, width, size measurements and size conversion among EU, UK and USA systems. Explanation of upper and lining materials. Focus on interlinings and reinforcements to be used depending on the shoe. Understanding of the process of cutting and upper assembling related to materials and new upper making systems.

Materials and components

Materials for uppers (leathers, fabrics, synthetics, action leather, by-cast) and linings, Middle components (counters, toe boxes, interlinings), Bottom components (mid-soles, outsoles and heels).

Shoe constructions

Overview of production process. Basic upper constructions: board lasted, strobel lasted and tubular moccasin. Basic footwear constructions: cemented outsoles, stitched families (e.g. Blake, stitch-out, Goodyear), vulcanized and injection/direct attach. Alternative/hybrid constructions derived from basic ones and approaches to mix upper and shoe constructions.

Arsutoria x Pensole x St. Regis

Combined with our partnership of Pensole Lewis College we are also joining alliances with Hotel Saint Regis for hosting the accommodations of September 2022 Professional Development course. After a remastering of the space in 2020 the hotel offers 125 guest rooms and is a landmark building in Detroit. The area surrounding is immersed in the Detroit art scene, museums and centrally located to many restaurants within walking distance.

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