Shoes and outsole 3D design course

3D design with iCAD3D+, 3D soles focus with Rhino, PBR materials and rendering

In five weeks, we offer a complete training to 3D design, using few softwares for 3D modelling the fundamental components of shoes, from the most basic concepts to the final and photorealistic rendering of the materials.

Starts in

2023: May, October
2024: February

Program length

5 weeks

Tuition fees

4.500€ - VAT Exempt


English and Italian


Onsite or Online

3D is becoming an increasingly widespread technology in the footwear industry.

To visualize and communicate a footwear collection in a realistic and complete way and to enhance its technical precision and aesthetic effectiveness, now more than ever you need tools that speak an advanced virtual and visual language.
Tools that speak a common functional language not only for the designer and the manufacturer, but even for your present or future customer.

Target students

This program is particularly beneficial to:

  • Designers who want to optimize the technical and visual performance of their project and transmit all the style and design information to those who will create the model and the product
  • Freelance product developer to develop technically performing explanatory tools on prototype and product development in collaboration with creatives.

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

Introductio to the course program :

3D is mainly used in two areas: an “internal” use for design validation among the different teams of the company and an “external” use for interacting with consumers on digital channels (e.g. with product configurators).
This course is divided into three main topic areas: 3D tools for the shoe industry, general purpose 3D modelling tools, and the digitalisation of materials and rendering.

As far as state of the art 3D tools for the shoe industry are concerned, we chose iCAD3D+. Other tools for 3D shoe design do in fact exist, but in Arsutoria, we believe that iCAD3D+ is an excellent product from many standpoints, especially when it comes to offering the possibility of connecting the 3D design to the technical development of the shoe in an extremely precise and fast way.

However, there are good reasons to teach a more generalist 3D modelling tool as well: the first and most important is the extremely accessible price, number of available online resources, continuous updating, and the possibility of exchanging data with many other tools that are part of different digital workflows. In Arsutoria, we chose Rhinoceros, because it is quite popular in the footwear industry, especially for the 3D design of soles.

Starting from 2022 we decided to insert the topic of material digitalisation and rendering technologies.
Digitalisation is the evolution of simply scanning a material: today it is possible to construct extremely sophisticated digital versions of materials (PBR) with impressive features for three-dimensional visualization. Finally, rendering tools allow for the creation of images of virtual shoe prototypes, which are hard to tell apart from physical samples.

Can't travel TO ITALY?

Attend this course remotely

Program length

5 weeks

Tuition Fees

3.750 € - VAT Exempt

Attendable online via pre-recorded lessons and live sessions, with constant reviews and online meetings with the instructors.

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Summer session

July 10 - 20, 2023