On-demand BAG courses

Introduction on how BAGS are made

The topics of our bag making courses online cover the different styles, elements, constructions, edge finishings, metal hardware and the materials used for bag production.
All courses are delivered in English.

What will you learn from this bag online course?

  • Terminologies and technicalities related to the world of bags
  • How to turn your creative insights into saleable products
  • All the main techniques of bag making
  • All components of iconic and renown bags

Do you want to learn the secrets of bag pattern making?

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Join our
pattern making masterclass

Led by industry experts, you’ll learn the fundamentals of bag pattern making.
You’ll gain insights on the different types of bags and learn how to create patterns that are both stylish and functional.

The course teaches the tools to master the 5 main constructions:

The constructions will be covered through the developing of 27 bag patterns of iconic and renown styles such as satchel, bucket bag, saddle bag, drawstring backpack, duffle bag and camera bag just to name a few.

Just like, nowadays industrial and professional way of working is drafted through CAD software, Arsutoria School’s tutorials will address pattern making through Rhinoceros.


Students will achieve skills and will gain knowledge to make patterns as well as their physical mockups.

Led by Andrea Solenghi

Industry Professional and professor at Arsutoria School


Start from the basics and explore advanced topics


Over 50 hours of video practical excercises

1-to-1 tutoring

Online reviews with our teachers

All the tools you need

Arsutoria will send materials to complete mockups of a few styles


€ 4500

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