Fashion Accessories Master: why are the Master in shoe and the Master in bags titled “Diplomas” at Arsutoria School

master fashion accessories (shoes and bags)

The term “Master” is often misused as a synonim of excellent training, This is also applicable to the footwear and leather goods sectors.

Things do not work this way

To be named “Master”, an educational program must abide to specific requirements that fall outside the simple concept of good/bad.

Masters are not always programs of excellence and not always are better than regular courses or training programs.

Let’s try to clear it up.

What is a Master and when an educational program can be named as such

Let’s start with defining Masters as university ones and non-university ones. The first ones are subject to legal regulations and are integrated in the University system, the second ones are provided by private educational institutions that define Masters’ main features and requirements indipendently

University Masters always have a recognition as they are accredited by the Ministry of Education, while Non-university Masters, provided by private educational institutions, have a recognized value only if accredited by certyfing associations or institutions.

In other words, a Master, in the footwear and leather goods field too, must be acrredited by a certifying institution to be named such.

Furthermore, Masters can be attended by BA university graduates only.

All of the above may never work for our training programs. Let’s see why.

Master in Footwear and Leather Goods: we call them “Diplomas

To start, Arsutoria School is not a University but a professional training center accredited by the Lombardy Region (the area where Milan is located) because in Italy, professional and technical education is mainly managed by regions which abide to nationl guidelines that refer to the Italian Ministry of Education framework.

Obtaining the accreditation has certainly been an important objective as it has allowed us to plan and manage courses that are entirely funded by the Lombardy Region, anyhow with total transparency we can confirm that our student continue to select Arsutoria School for what we represent in the educational sector for fashion accessories (shoes and bags).

Arsutoria School has been the industry referent for over 75 years. Precisely, thanks to the continuous communication and collaboration with leader brands, we are able to offer an up-to-date training which perfectly corresponds to the footwear and leather goods industry training needs.

In this way, we train young professionals who acquire skills which are immediately usable and therefore maintain very high training standards. We do not claim this, our alumni state it. Discover our success stories.

Arsutoria School is a professional training center, our aim is to teach the footwear and leathergoods know-hows, the excellence of the Made in Italy. Since this know how can only be learned in the industry we do not believe that our students need a university degree to access our training paths.

Our school is open to anyone who is interested in undertaking a training path within the accessories sector: young high school graduates who wish to learn a practical job, yourng university graduates who wish to specialize in the footwear and leathergoods fields but also industry professionals who simply wish to further increase their knowledge and skills.

FInally, this is why the Master in Shoes, Bags and Accessories at Arsutoria School is titled 1-Year Shoe Diploma, 1-Year Bag Diploma and 1-year Accessories Diploma.

Certainly not because it is less valuable then a regular/accredited Master.

Shoe Diploma, Bag Diploma and Accessories Diploma: it is not the term “Master” that qualifies the excellence of our programs

It is the market itself that determines the worth of our training. Our 1-year Diplomas in the footwear, leather goods and accessories have always been highly valued and excellent educational paths.

Since 1947 we have been shaping future generations of designers, pattern makers as well as product developpers and project managers in the footwear and leather goods industry. Since then many of our students and alumni have worked or are working for the best international fashion brands.

Our educational excellence is known and reknown worldwide in main sector brands.

If you do not believe it, test it, challenge us. Fill in the form.

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