Fabricio DaCosta: Shoe One Year Diploma Meet Our Talents

Fabricio DaCosta: Shoe One Year Diploma

Meet Out Talents: Fabricio DaCosta, a seasoned designer, fuses diverse cultural influences into his work, shaping an eco-friendly and socially just future for fashion. With roots in Rio de Janeiro and a global expansion, his designs exemplify a commitment to a greener industry. Immersed in Milan’s design culture twice over two decades, Fabricio’s profound appreciation for Italian craftsmanship influences his creative spirit, fostering a passion for aesthetics, precision, and innovation.

Students are the real treasure of Arsutoria School. Bound to the school by a sense of belonging and sharing, they are the spokesmen of its values in the whole world. This is how “Meet Our Talents” was born, from the desire to give visibility to our most talented students.

We would like to introduce Fabricio DaCosta, a student of the 2023 Shoe One-Year Diploma Program. Fabricio DaCosta, has worked in product and fashion design blending diverse cultural influences into his creative style. He started in Rio de Janeiro, expanded through Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and now, he’s committed to a future where fashion embraces eco-friendliness and social justice. His designs prove this mission: shaping a greener, more ethical path for the industry.

Fabricio’s connection to Italian design tradition has played a pivotal role in his journey. Having immersed himself in Milan’s design culture not once but twice in the past two decades, he acquired a profound appreciation for the country’s craftsmanship. Milan’s design legacy influenced his creative spirit and instilled a passion for aesthetics, precision, and innovation. This Italian education has been a cornerstone of his design philosophy, infusing his work with a timeless elegance and a commitment to quality that remains unwavering.

Fabricio DaCosta is a Senior designer with international experience creating brand power and lifestyle value through products and services for major clients (www.dacostatoday.com) 

His story belongs those who have embarked on the journey of in-depth learning in footwear production. To successfully establish a shoe brand, it is essential not only to excel in marketing and storytelling but also to comprehend the fundamentals of the product. A comprehensive educational program, such as the Shoe One-Year Diploma in Milan, Italy, proves crucial for acquiring the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to successfully navigate every stage, from design to production.

Individuals undertaking this educational journey not only gain a solid understanding of materials and processes but also become capable of innovating creatively. After a year of intensive study, it can be confidently stated that investing in comprehensive training is the key to being well-prepared and excelling in the footwear industry. With the right foundation, the dream of creating a brand of sustainable and comfortable shoes becomes not only possible but achievable.

Good luck, Fabricio DaCosta!