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Shoe 3D digital design course

€ 3500,00
Oct 19th, 2020 → Nov 13th, 2020

Mar 8th, 2021 → Apr 2nd, 2021

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

A full immersion course on modelling and rendering your shoe designs using cutting-edge 3D.

In Arsutoria School we use and teach different digital tools for shoe design.
The objective of this Shoe Digital 3D Design Course is to train technical designers to collaborate with creative designers and set up 3D virtual prototype visualisations before physical shoes are actually made.

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How our courses change with COVID-19

Since February 2020 with the spread of COVID-19 the school had to suspend all training courses. Italian Ministry of Education and our Regional government have communicated that we will be able to start courses again from June 2020. Nevertheless we need to assure the safety of our students and put actions in place to prevent the spread of the virus again.

The major constrain that we need to face is the distancing. We won’t be able to use the facilities of the school as before because we need to assure a minumum distance of 1 meter between students. For this reason we have decided to change the way we organise our classes.

The three pillars of our training will remain the same but we will change the way we organise each of them

Lessons from the teachers

Our teachers have been working hard to prepare video lessons to cover all course topics. You will be able to access these contents at your own pace from home.

Individual work

Learning by doing has always been the center of our training. We will send you all the materials you need to work. Teachers will assign homeworks to assess your understanding of each topic

Review with the instructor

Teachers will dedicate 100% of their time to review your individual work and to give you feedbacks and suggestions on how to make better. This is a key moment of the course

Content of the course

Thanks to our experience in the use of footwear specific software and thanks to suggestions and feedbacks from our partner shoe companies we have decided to teach two different softwares during this course:

  • A 3D footwear specific software for shoe upper design
  • A 3D generic modelling software for sole design

The reason of this choice is that we believe that sometimes footwear specific softwares are too limited to properly design complicated soles. On the other side we see no reasons to use generic 3D software to design shoe uppers moreover when the goal is pattern development for cutting.

Activities performed with the footwear specific software:

  • Import and re-engineering of the file of the last, flattening of the surfaces and cutting of the base shell
  • Design of the style lines on the last 
  • Creation of the virtual patterns of upper and lining, materials and color assignment, thickness of pieces and creation of virtual stitching
  • Use of the internal 3D modeller to design accessories (e.g. buckles, studs and laces) to locate on the upper
  • Use of internal tools to design heels and soles: in several cases it is enough to use the tools available in the footwear software to create the bottom components
  • Import of the bottom components (heels and soles) created with different 3D software
  • Final render to visualise the virtual prototype
  • Technical pattern making and cutting of an upper test to be assembled in the school sample room

Activities performed with the generic 3D modelling software:

  • Getting started, learn the environment and the basic tools of a generic 3D modelling software
  • Modelling of simple 3D objects to practice in the use of the software
  • Creation of heels
  • Import of file prepared by the footwear specific software with the last and the virtual upper
  • Design and modelling of a sole


If you want to deepen your knowledge of digital tools useful for creative design, we recommend you to add to your background, Shoe Design Course, where you’ll learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator features that help creative designers digitize their ideas.

We do not require any previous knowledge of the two softwares used during the course. Nevertheless, students are required to be able to use a computer with Windows.

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