Summer session

July 10 - 20, 2023

Behind the scenes of


A journey
on how luxury bags
are made

Target Students

Accessories Designers, Leather Goods Developers, Leather Goods “insiders”, Leather Goods Passionate, Fashion School Students


July 10th -July 20th 2023

Monday – Thursday, full time

Enrolment deadline by June 20th 2023.

Tuition fee

€ 1800,00


Arsutoria School Bag Lab – Milan, Italy

This session is available only onsite


The course's objective is to provide an inside look at the process of creating a luxury bag, and it is intended for anyone working in the industry or simply interested in learning more about how something is created, starting from an idea, till the finished product that the final public will buy.

Professionals in the sector - pattern makers, prototype makers, product developers – will share their experiences with international brands.

Starting with the analysis of styles, materials and metal hardware, students will learn the basics of leather goods constructions. The creation of mockups and hand pattern making insights will provide an understanding of the starting point of product development.

The course wants to offer the tools to get to know more closely a constantly growing sector: the Made in Italy leather goods.

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Tuition fee:
€ 1800,00

Enrolment deadline:
June 20th 2023