The bag design and pattern making courses of Arsutoria School

We have invested in new classrooms, skills, machinery and, year after year, we made Arsutoria's offer more complete and professional.

In 2022, we will take a step forward by introducing new courses in the area of digital design, and launching a new version of the annual diploma, at the end of which students will create a capsule collection of accessories.

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If you're looking for a comprehensive education

Arsutoria School annual diploma

If you want a comprehensive, in-depth education that covers the full spectrum of the leather goods or accessories industry, Arsutoria's annual diplomas are the right path for you.

Bag one-year diploma - patternmaking and design

360° training on leather goods

Designed to offer a rich, complete and integrated educational path in all aspects of the product, the one-year diploma offers a unique and prestigious professional training in the bag industry. Tradition and innovation, rules of know-how and design methodology: classic artisanal techniques, advanced digital tools, and design culture that opens the mind to the future. A path that ends with the development of a small bag collection that sums up each student’s individual ability to blend creativity with technical expertise. If you want to become a complete and knowledgeable professional figure, who can take on any role dealing with the product in the bag industry, with a technical and design culture par excellence worldwide recognized, the one-year bag diploma is without a doubt the right choice for you.

One-year accessories diploma - shoes and bags

Our most complete training offering

Dedicated to those who are interested in extending their technical and design training to include not only shoes, but also leather goods, we propose a 56-week course that is the most complete program in the world for fashion accessory training. The accessory diploma includes the entire program of the one-year shoe diploma, plus dedicated training on the bags sector

If you're looking for a specialization course

Technical and design bag paths

Courses of medium duration, with very specific focus on the technical or creative aspect of the realization of bags. Ideal for those who want to deepen their knowledge in a specific area of the bag industry.

Technical path: bag pattern making and prototyping

Discover the secrets of the most common models of bags

We think of the bag as a “simple” fashion product compared to footwear, just because we observe it in its perfect shape and style, immediately functional and enjoyable. The bag is, in fact, a complex set of components, each of which contributes decisively to its aesthetic quality and functionality. And the perfection of a bag comes from a long and highly specialized work. First of all, from the excellence of a technical model and from the sensitivity and refinement of the pattern maker who, knowing the secrets of design and construction of the bag, can read and interpret the style and propose solutions to the creative ideas of the designers. Isn’t this, perhaps, also creativity?

Shoe design path

Creativity applied to the world of leather goods

Creating a collection means developing a project that remains coherent and unique in all its various phases, from the idea to the physical product. Creativity requires first and foremost the skills for expressing it. It is essential to be able to visually communicate your creative ideas to the technicians who will first have to turn them into technical patterns and then into prototypes and samples. The first step in the world of bag design is then acquiring the ability to use sketching and illustration tools.

If you have limited time

Bag short courses

Ideal for those looking for a course on a specific topic, to deepen their knowledge or to introduce themselves to the world of leather goods, without investing large amounts of time.

Hand and digital drawing

Hand drawing and rendering, metal accessories design, Photoshop and Illustrator

4 weeks in the discovery of the fundamental expressive means of drawing. If you have the creative ideas for your own bag collection, but you’re not familiar with the sketching and painting tools needed to express them graphically, you will be guided in learning the techniques of hand drawing and the Pantone® rendering of bags and accessories, together with the classic digital software programs of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so that you can graphically present your bag project in a way that is clear, coherent, and comprehensive.

Bag 3D design

3D bag design with CLO3D, 3D metal accessories focus with Rhino, PBR materials and rendering

Today, 3D is becoming an increasingly popular technology in the bags industry. The uses are mainly two: an “internal” use for design verification among different business teams and an “external” use for interacting with consumers on digital channels (e.g. with product configurators). This course focuses on three main topics: 3D tools for 3D bag design, generalist 3D tools that are used for 3D design and metal accessories design, material digitization and rendering.

Design a collection of bags

Methodology of designing a bag collection

Five weeks of full immersion in the conception and development of the creative part of the project, carried out with competence, strategy and method, through the knowledge, analysis and elaboration of the many elements that contribute to the conception and realization of a successful collection.

Bag pattern making course (weekend)

Every saturday for 3 months

An introductory course to handbag pattern making lasting three months, dedicated to designers, workers and students who cannot attend training programs during the week due to study or work commitments.The course of introduction to handbag modeling, called "Saturday Course", is aimed at those who want to learn the basic techniques of development of the main models of handbags. The timing of the course favors, in particular, designers, employees of the leather goods sector, students-workers or even bag enthusiasts who wish to improve skills and knowledge, or enter the leather goods sector, through a broad and comprehensive training.

Can't attend our courses in Milan?

Wherever you are, we are there

We have accepted the challenge that the world has put in front of us: in this new normality we want to spread the Arsutoria method exploiting the advantages of remote learning, without neglecting the quality that has always distinguished us.

Thanks to the commitment of our teachers, all courses can be attended online through pre-recorded lessons and a weekly review with a dedicated teacher. The online version does not include the prototype lab activities and the final project.

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