Arsutoria School joined Leather Naturally to support the use of leather

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From this year, Arsutoria School has become a member of Leather Naturally, an international association that includes associations, tanners, producers of auxiliary chemicals and tanning technology from all over the world, created to counter unjustified attacks on leather through the dissemination of clear and complete information based on facts and scientific data.

Ars Tannery, the magazine of Edizioni AF group that deals with sustainability in leather tanning processes, has been a media partner of Leather Naturally since the beginning.

And so this year, Arsutoria School has also decided to make its contribution and support Leather Naturally by becoming a member.

What is Leather Naturally?

Leather Naturally is a non-profit association based in the Netherlands that educates and promotes the use of leather. Its mission is to encourage the use of sustainable leather worldwide and to inspire and inform designers, creators and consumers about its beauty, quality and versatility.

On its website there is a section containing information sheets on leather and its production. These reports are accessible and easy to download for anyone, educators, students and all those who wish to access transparent information about the leather sector.

In addition to the website and the main social channels, Leather Naturally has been promoting leather culture for just over a year now through the new global communication platform Metcha, a sort of online magazine aimed at conquering younger audiences.

Metcha deals with topics related to fashion and design, publishing photos of innovative products, interviews with leading designers and various articles related to the beauty and sustainability of leather products. One of Metcha’s strengths is its collaboration with brands and designers who tell their experiences with leather, offering interesting examples of success stories.

Why Arsutoria School decided to support Leather Naturally

Apart from being a material of great value and beauty, leather has characteristics that make it much more eco-sustainable than many of its competitors.

It is a material that guarantees a high durability of the product over time, it is totally recyclable, versatile and can be easily repaired. It is of 100% natural origin and if treated correctly, through sustainable and eco-compatible processing, it is one of the best allies for creating products with a low environmental impact.

This is why we have always promoted the use of leather in our courses. The aim is to make our students aware of the use of a material that stands not only for a quality product but also, and above all, for a product created respecting the environment. We teach them how to treat it properly, with all due respect.

This is why it seemed natural to us to become part of this reality. Leather Naturally supports and promotes a concept to which Arsutoria School has always been deeply and intimately linked.

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