Study VISA and residence permit

If you are not from the European Union and you want to study in Italy, you must decide in advance how long you intend to stay

Study VISA

If you are not from the European Union and you want to study in Italy, you must decide in advance how long you intend to stay.

Less than three months

A student VISA is not necessary, you can enter Italy as a tourist, but please notice that students from Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Macedonia, Georgia, Morocco, Peru, Serbia and Montenegro, Rumania, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine must obtain a tourist VISA in advance.

More than three months

You must request a student VISA at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country. The following documents are required:

  • a valid passport
  • certificate of enrolment at Arsutoria School
  • proof of means of support during your stay in Italy
  • lodging in Italy
  • an internationally valid insurance health policy

Within 8 days by us do you also have to apply for a residence permit (see below). For the student VISA request the following documentation has to be presented at the Italian consulate/embassy:

  • valid passport
  • enrolment certificate to a course of 80 hours/month at ARSUTORIA School
  • proof of financial means: submit a bank statement indicating account balance (at least $ 1000 per each month of stay in Italy is required)
  • international health insurance
  • proof of suitable lodging
  • confirmed flight reservation

Students who enroll at Arsutoria School in Milan and request a student VISA must complete the online registration form and return it to Arsutoria School, with documentation of payment in full of the course selected.

Our School provides then valid certificates for obtaining a student VISA. It is not possible to cancel or change the dates of a course for which you have received a student VISA.

Each certificate must correspond to a specific course in which the student is enrolled.

If a student VISA application has been refused, the School allows to postpone the participation to a future session. Alternatively 70% of the entire tuition fee can be reimbursed. Students waiting for a VISA must immediately inform the school in case of delay in the VISA process or change in the date of their arrival.

ART. N.231

According to the aforementioned regulation, the VISA uniformity will be verified before the starting program or at its beginning, and if there were irregularities the School will have to report to the authorities. No refund is available in this case.

Useful Links:
Ministry for foreign affairs:
Generali INA Assitalia – Health policy information


Residence permit

If you are a non-EU national and plan to come to Italy for a period exceeding three months, you must apply for a residence permit.
If it is your first time in Italy, you have 8 days to apply for a residence permit, after entering Italy. To obtain the issue of a residence permit you need:

  • the residence application form (available at local post offices)
  • your valid passport or any other equivalent travel document bearing an entry VISA, if required
  • a photocopy of your passport or another valid travel document bearing an entry visa, if required
  • 4 recent and identical passport-size photographs
  • a € 14.62 electronic revenue stamp
  • documents supporting your request for the type of residence permit you are applying for

The validity of your residence permit is the same as that indicated on your visa, i.e.:

  • up to 6 months for seasonal work or up to 9 months for seasonal work in the specific sectors requiring this extension
  • up to 1 year if you are attending a duly documented course of study or a vocational training course
  • up to 2 years for self-employment, open-ended employment and family reunification


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