Shoe workshops in the United States

Five days intensive workshops for people already working in the industry: designers, product developers but also material sourcing experts, managers, retailers, costing analysts and merchandisers.

Understand the processes from Footwear development to construction as well as costing and sourcing.

The Art of Shoemaking workshops by Arsutoria School

We have developed these course to provide technical knowledge to those who work in the footwear industry in the United States.

The reality of the US footwear industry today is that the majority of the shoes are manufactured overseas. A limited number of those who work in the footwear industry had the opportunity to really see shoes while they flow through the conveyor line in a factory, work side by side with pattern engineers and visit materials and components manufacturers. Our class aims at bridging this gap.

Topics covered during the workshops

Fundamentals on shoemaking

Basic understanding of the relationship between the foot, the last and the shoe. The last as a manufacturing tool. Grading of sizes and widths, international sizing systems, conversion charts, key points for measuring a last. Steps involved in last design and production: processes and details.

Materials and components

Detailed discussion on foot anatomy: the Foot vs. the last, the Last, Examination of Upper materials such as leathers, fabrics, synthetics, action leather, by-cast. Upper and lining preparation, pre-lasting and lasting, design and pattern making for shoes and boots.

Midsoles and outsoles

Features, compounds, processes of fabrication and molding are carefully explained to be more aware of the function they have upon the type of footwear. Advantageous, profitable and useful types according to the needs of today market place. The open discussion is geared on both products: molded and cut-assembled systems.

Fundamentals on costing

Key objective of this module is to offer a comprehensive in depth review of costing awareness and value. Topics covered are impact of design, pattern making and construction on pricing. Interactive workshop and simulations using footwear and existing cost breakdown sheets (CBS) to train participants on how to simulate a cost reduction action, how to better engineer the shoe design, what to change to control costs etc.