Shoe technical path

Pattern making and prototyping for women, men and sneaker

Not just a course for aspiring pattern makers, but a legacy of unique knowledge for all those who would like to better understand what happens “behind the scenes” when an idea becomes a product.

Starts in

January, April, September

Program length

15 weeks

Tuition fees

12.000€ - VAT Exempt


English and Italian


Onsite or Online

Shoe pattern making is a challenge that requires a blending between stylistic idea, materials and the construction of the product.

Italian pattern makers are known around the world for having given shape to extraordinary shoes that appear on the most important catwalks of the international fashion system with each new season.

The technical course represents an evolution of the well-known three-month course responsible for Arsutoria school’s claim to fame in the international footwear industry.

Target students

This program is particularly beneficial to:

  • those who already work in a shoe factory and want to become a pattern maker,
  • the new generation of footwear company owners, who want to manage competently and proficiently their production company
  • designers who want to understand and follow with competence the technical development of the footwear they designed, when reaching the production phase in footwear factories
  • newcomers who are interested in the world of footwear and want to enter the industry

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

The Shoe technical path includes three interconnected educational “missions”:

This 15-weeks path is the evolution of our traditional training course because it integrates the skills of creating patterns with many hours of dedicated laboratory work in prototyping the uppers of shoes from which the patterns are developed. A unique experience also on the Italian panorama of technical professional training in the footwear industry because it needs dedicated personnel, materials, and machinery.

It begins with women’s footwear, the crowning achievement of Made in Italy manufacturing, representing a bona fide architectural feat in style. It then continues with the construction of men’s shoes, products where the artisanal orientation is still the main feature characterising high-end productions. The path ends with sneakers, a product that can no longer be classified as a trend, but which has become a genuine product category unto itself.

Most of the time is spent between the classroom and our shoe sample room, among paper, cardboard, microfibre, leather, and fabrics, with hours dedicated to pattern drawing, cutting, and measuring, but also skiving, preparing, and stitching.
All this without forgetting that technology today allows for greater time efficiency and improved precision: for this reason, we decided to dedicate some hours to learning how to use one of the most popular CAD software programs in the footwear industry: Shoemaster.

As with all the 15-week courses of the school, at the end of the course there will be a final exam that will put our students to the test, because the Arsutoria technical diploma must be earned, and all students will be required to demonstrate their understanding in the subjects taught by our teachers.

Can't travel TO ITALY?

Attend this course remotely

Program length

15 weeks

Tuition Fees

9.000 € - VAT Exempt

Attendable online, without the prototyping activities, via pre- recorded lessons, with weekly reviews with the instructor.

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