Sneaker pattern making and prototyping course

Do you want to understand a sneaker and not simply love it or contemplate its design?
Arsutoria School’s Sneaker Pattern Making & Prototyping course will give you the opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at the style and design of these special shoes, to understand the secrets of their technical development and construction.

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Learn the ins and outs of sneakers

Today sneakers are at the forefront of pop culture, they are the go-to shoe that everyone wears and knows. Everyone recognises the style and design of the leading global or niche brands, but few know how a sneaker is made, how it is conceived, designed and manufactured technically.

What is behind the style of a sneaker? We know. There is a world of highly specialised technical skills in constant evolution needed to make successful sneakers. There are technical, design and construction rules that make these highly sought-after shoes more innovative and high-performing.

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Sneaker making course: is it the right one for you?

The Sneaker Pattern Making course is for:

Pattern makers

Pattern makers who want to acquire specific skills in the sneaker industry.


The new generation of footwear company owners, who have just finished their economic and marketing studies and want to work competently and proficiently with the production company that they will have to manage.


Designers who want to deepen their technical knowledge on sneakers pattern making.


Those who are interested in understanding the technical aspects of a sneaker, and who dream of one day designing and making them.

You can find this course in these career paths:


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of the course

At the end of the Sneaker pattern making and prototyping course, students will have acquired technical knowledge on the sneaker world and skills on patterns, shapes, materials, components and workmanship, which will allow them to dialogue in a technically sound way with the sneaker industry.

If you are a classroom participant, you will be able to see and try to stitch “samples” of uppers and to create, assisted by the school’s technicians, a sneaker prototype; if you are a remote student, you will be able to deepen your knowledge on the pattern making process by means of dedicated patterns and exercises to be reviewed together with your teacher.

Fundamentals on sneakers

A “full-immersion” into the fundamental themes of the sneaker: lessons that will allow you to learn about the evolution of the history of the sneaker, starting from the beginning to the present day, and the technical language typical of the sneaker production world, the specific terminology of the styles, the families, materials, components, shapes and manufacturing processes. In addition, the focus on sustainable materials will give you the opportunity to learn about the incredible potential of the use and performance of green materials in the main sneaker components.

Drawing on paper and on last
With drawing by hand on paper and on the last, you will enter into the technical design phase. The creation of a sneaker project must pass through a purely conceptual phase, the two-dimensionality of drawing by hand on paper, to a more technical and three-dimensional phase of drawing on the last. This transition phase is crucial for a sneaker project, because it allows you to get an idea of the proportions of the various pieces that make up the upper and the potential construction of the sneaker. The phase of drawing on the last will then allow you to make corrections and find alternative solutions under the guidance and assistance of teachers.
sneaker making course
Sneaker pattern making
The technical design of the pattern is the most important part of the course, because understanding and knowing how to make a sneaker pattern is the best way to master not only the techniques of pattern making, but also to translate creative ideas into a marketable product. You will learn how to apply the pattern making techniques to the main sneaker types, following the two main processing systems of this special type of footwear. If you are a remote student, you will be given an additional pattern to be developed under the supervision of teachers who will help you make any corrections and adjustments.
Shoe prototyping in the Arsutoria Shoe Lab
prototyping and knitting
In the final phase of the course, in the school’s footwear prototyping laboratory, you will assist in the birth of a new sneaker: the culminating phase of a project. In this phase, with the assistance and supervision of our specialised technicians, you will have the opportunity to sew the sole of a sneaker. Finally, you will see a finished sneaker prototype made by the technicians. Through a demonstration, you will also have the opportunity to see the knitting technology at work, by means of a computerised linear production machine located in the laboratory, and will learn how traditional knitting machines have been adapted for the footwear sector and, in particular, the growing importance of sneakers made with knitting machines.