Sneaker design course

Arsutoria School’s Sneaker Design course allows participants to take up the challenge of conceiving and designing an original sneaker that knows how to tell a story, its story, in a unique and authentic way. The course has been designed to provide students with a full immersion experience in the sneaker world, in its history, design and step-by-step development from a creative idea to a successful concept.

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Sneakerheads wanted

The sneaker is the iconic shoe of the millennium: global, intergenerational, genderless, it knows no barriers of age, sex, environment or social status. With a pop-culture soul accessible to everyone, it can be worn in formal and informal situations and comes in multiple styles, shapes and versions: evergreen, fashion, high-performance. It is the quintessential go-to shoe.

“Learning by doing” has always been the distinguishing feature of the school’s teaching methodology. The Sneaker Design course has now been reorganised into an optimal mix of online and classroom teaching practices, and has been designed to be used in both ways with the same effective teaching and learning quality.

Teachers will always be present, even for those who attend the course remotely: they will hold video-recorded lessons and webinars, they will assign exercises and a sneaker concept to be developed, correcting and assigning the results and project through revisions and moments of exchange between student and teacher

by doing

Is this the right course for you?

The intensive Sneaker Design course is dedicated to:


Pattern makers who want to know everything that goes into creating a sneaker: from the stylistic design to concept development.


Designers who want to understand how to develop their project in a coherent and original way and design technically detailed sneakers, and convey all the information to those who will make the product.


Anyone who is curious to know about how the sneaker universe works and who dreams of one day designing and making them.

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of the course

At the end of the two-week course, you will be able to develop a sneaker project in its entirety:
 • you will learn how to represent your sneaker ideas through illustrations by hand on paper and on a last 
• you will develop your concept by creating an original story and will present your completed project at the end of the course

Storytelling and concept development

By means of significant and inspiring case histories and a storytelling methodology that recounts the design in an effective way, you will be able to try your hand at developing a complete sneaker concept, which you can perfect and refine with the advice and guidance of our teachers.

Sneaker colored with Pantone colors
drawing on last and manual rendering

With the help of our teachers, you will learn how to design a sneaker by hand, and then drawing it onto the last in order to better understand the potential of the construction and to make any corrections. 

Sole design
The sole is a fundamental element in the development of a sneaker and the lessons on the design of the sole will allow you to develop the graphic versions, according to the different types of manufacturing processes needed for this key component of the sneaker project.