Shoe pattern making and prototyping course

Footwear Pattern Making and Prototyping is the core course of the Arsutoria School’s training offer. The pioneer school which marked in Italy the starting point of professional education dedicated to the world of footwear over 70 years ago. 

The school was founded on the intuition that the great art of Italian footwear craftsmanship deserved (like its cousins from beyond the Alps) proper enhancement and a generational turnover, in order to guarantee professionals of the highest profile to the Italian footwear sector consistently and continuously. 

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An excellence for more than 70 years

“Learning by doing” has always been the distinguishing feature of our teaching methodology.

The Shoe Pattern Making and Prototyping course has now been reorganised into an optimal mix of online and classroom teaching practices and has been designed to be used in both ways with the same effective teaching and learning quality.

Teachers will be present even for those students who attend the course remotely: they will hold video-recorded lessons and webinars, they will assign exercises, assessing the student’s progress each time, correcting and assigning the results during the exchange between student and teacher.

In the footwear industry, the Arsutoria School’s Pattern-Making Diploma is synonymous with professional excellence. It is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the course and the passing of a final exam consisting of a written test, a practical test and an oral exam.

by doing

Is this the right course for you?

The Shoe Pattern Making and Prototyping course is for:

shoe factory workers

those who already work in a shoe factory and want to become a pattern maker, those who want to manage the product development of a brand, but need to acquire skills in footwear technical design and production


the new generation of footwear company owners, who have just finished their economic and marketing studies and want to work competently and proficiently with the production company that they will have to manage


designers who want to understand and follow with competence the technical development of the footwear they designed, when reaching the production phase in footwear factories


those who are interested in the world of footwear and want to enter the industry by attending the first internationally recognised Pattern Making Course in Italy

You can find this course in these career paths:


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of the course

You will learn the rules of theory and design of each style and its upper components, and you will become familiar with the technical language of shapes lasts, materials and components. The mission of the Arsutoria School and its teachers, who are its most vital and precious asset, is to help you to develop a technical and design culture of footwear, a wealth of knowledge and skills to allow you to face the production world with the excellent professional qualities for which the school is known and renowned throughout the world.

A variety of shoe models at Arsutoria School
Pattern Making

The design of the models will allow you to learn and master the techniques that go into making the main footwear models, which means acquiring the real skills of a pattern-maker: the knowledge of the school unique pattern making techniques will make you able to acquire the technical skills to create the main footwear patterns namely: being able to read, interpret and propose technical solutions to the creative ideas of designers but also improve your own creative skills.You will learn how to apply the pattern-making techniques to the main types of shoes in a progressive sequence, aiming to develop the patterns assigned by the teachers on your own.
If you participate remotely in the course, you will be given the opportunity to develop several patterns under the guidance and supervision of the teachers.

Materials and components for shoes
Materials and components

The shoe is a complex set of components, each of which contributes decisively to the aesthetics, quality and performance of the shoe. You will study the visible parts, those that define the style, and the parts that are invisible yet decisive for the quality and construction of the shoe: lasts, uppers, linings, reinforcements, as well as leathers and materials, from the most traditional to the most innovative, technological and sustainable. You will also acquire a specific technical vocabulary, which will allow you to dialogue expertly with the world of footwear design and production.

sneaker making course
Technical Drawing

The creation of a footwear project passes through a purely conceptual phase, the two-dimensionality of the style sketches to the three-dimensional technical drawing on the last: which is rightfully the responsibility of the pattern-maker.
You will be involved in the actual technical design, where you will understand the proportions and construction potential of the shoe. In this stage, teachers will guide you in discovering the corrections and tricks that will allow you to develop and refine your ability to find the best technical solutions.

Shoe prototyping in the Arsutoria Shoe Lab
Footwear constructions

The professional footwear world requires you to know all the footwear constructions making processes. You will be able to see some of them in progress live thanks to the valuable contribution of the school’s laboratory technicians, others will be shown through images, videos and several dissected shoes and explained by teachers.


The direct knowledge of the upper stitching and assembly phases significantly enriches the technical knowledge experience and provides pattern makers with valuable skills to evaluate the feasibility of the patterns to be made. If you are a classroom student, you will be able to participate in the cutting materials phase, preparation of the pieces and the stitching of uppers with linings. You will also be able to observe the school’s technicians during the shoe assembly and soling operations and assist them in creating the final prototype whose patterns have been made (of the patterns made) in the classroom.

At the end of the shoe pattern-making and prototyping course, you will have acquired an effective working method and structured technical skills to create patterns for men and women shoes, starting from starting from the understanding of the style sketches