Introduction to shoe design course

A 2-week course to get introduced to shoe designing.
The course aims at providing the basics of shoe design.

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Get started with shoe design

“Learning by doing” has always been the distinguishing feature of our teaching methodology.

Students will be able to chose between 2 options: they will be able to take it online through pre-recorded classes and live reviews (so to talk about any doubt/progress and make corrections with instructors) as well as in-class at Arsutoria School in Milan, Italy

by doing

Is this the right course for you?

The Introduction to shoe design course is for:


Technicians who wish to gain a better perception of what sketching shoes means.


Those who wish to launch their own brand so to have the basics to represent ideas and concepts of the product they want to achieve.


Those who have a little time to dedicate to every aspect of shoe design. As a matter of fact this class is part of an “Introduction to” career path.

You can find this course in these career paths:


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of the course

During this course, you will have the opportunity to learn and deepen your knowledge of:

Manual Sketching

Learn the techniques to correctly sketch a shoe by hand, both on paper and on the last.

rendering with markers

Learn how to render your black and white sketches using marker painting techniques. You will be able to combine coloring systems for all shoe components based on the type of material used.