Shoes hand and digital drawing course

Hand drawing and rendering, sole design, Photoshop and Illustrator

Four weeks in the discovery of the fundamental expressive means of drawing a collection of shoes

Starts in

2023: April, September
2024: January

Program length

5 weeks

Tuition fees

4.500€ - VAT Exempt


English and Italian


Onsite or Online

Drawing is the first and most important instrument in depicting a shoe design idea.

If you have the creative ideas for your own shoe collection, but you’re not familiar with the sketching and painting tools needed to express them graphically, you will be guided in learning the techniques of hand drawing and the manual rendering of shoes and soles, together with the classic digital software programs of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so that you can graphically present your shoe project in a way that is clear, coherent, and comprehensive.

Target students

This program is particularly beneficial to:

  • DESIGNERS who would like to launch a footwear collection, despite having no experience

  • PATTERN MAKERS who want an “upgrade” in their profession through knowledge of the creative and design side of footwear and, thus, better understand the “reasons” of the designers

  • NEWCOMERS Everyone who is curious to know the expressive tools of shoe collection design.


Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

Hand and digital drawing program in brief:

Pencil, pen, and markers are the basic tools for jotting a creative inspiration down on paper. We will start from the basics, because not everyone knows how to draw shoes, but even those who already have some skill in this area, will find many useful suggestions from our expert instructors on how to improve their shoe design.

As always, we will start from lasts, because in Arsutoria, we work with the right proportions and are not interested in disconnecting the components that will then be used to realise samples from reality.

We will dedicate part of the course to learning how to design soles. There are many details that are important to learn, and when working on the design of an athletic shoe or a sneaker, this component gives a fundamental contribute to overall design project.

Pen and paper, but also markers, because colour is the first tool in giving a three-dimensional character to the design. We will practice techniques of manual rendering even before beginning to use a computer. This base will be fundamental for then learning how to make the most out of the digital instruments.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools that every shoe designer must know how to use today. We will dedicate various hours to learning how to use them in the best way possible.
For Arsutoria, training in the use of digital tools is aimed at learning all that is needed to create a shoe design.

Can't travel TO ITALY?

Attend this course remotely

Program length

5 weeks

Tuition Fees

3.750 € - VAT Exempt

Attendable online via pre-recorded lessons and live sessions, with constant reviews and online meetings with the instructors.

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