Men’s shoe pattern making and prototyping course

Derby, oxford, lasted and tubular moccasins, laced-up ankle boots

A total of 4 weeks completely dedicated to the world of men’s footwear, during which the Arsutoria methodology for technical design and the making of the patterns from creative design will allow you to learn and master the techniques needed to develop the most important men’s shoe models

Starts in

February, May, October

Program length

4 weeks

Tuition fees

3.500€ - VAT Exempt


English and Italian


Onsite or Online

The men’s shoe is elegance and tradition

An attractive shape, quality leather, stitched leather sole, and many details that are often invisible except to the eyes of those who genuinely love these products. The men’s shoe is like good Italian wine: a blending of raw materials assembled in accordance with ancient and meticulous rules. A product to be worn, but also to be taken care of, since its appeal remains intact over time.

Target students

This program is particularly beneficial to:

  • anyone with a background in the design field to join this path to expand his/her knowledge and become a better designer by knowing how correct shoe patterns are made
  • product developers who will be able to better tackle the problems and the limitations they have to face during their day-to-day work
  • newcomers interested in the world of technical shoe pattern making

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

The men pattern making and prototyping program in brief:

We will work on derby and laced-up oxford models, representing the quintessential elegant shoes, and on lasted moccasins and tubular moccasins. We will design laced-up ankle boots with side elastic. As with women’s shoes, we will start from the lasts, constructing the base shell, and getting the pieces/patterns of the models.

It is fundamental to learn the different kinds of construction: in addition to the widely used board lasted and cemented footwear models, we will also work on Stitch-out and California models. During theory classes, we will also take an in-depth look at the other relevant constructions of the made in Italy heritage, including goodyear, blake, etc.

Plus, for classroom participants at our headquarters in Milan, various hours will be dedicated to hands-on practice in the sample room where models will be cut in various materials (microfibre, fabrics, and leather), prepared, and stitched to create upper prototypes.
A few hours will also be dedicated to the finishing techniques of men’s shoes, the art of processing the leather once the shoe has been constructed to give it a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

Can't travel TO ITALY?

Attend this course remotely

Program length

4 weeks

Tuition Fees

3.000 € - VAT Exempt

Attendable online, without the prototyping activities, via pre-recorded lessons, with weekly reviews with the instructor.

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