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Arsutoria School is the world leading school for footwear and leathergoods training.

Since 1947 we trained countless professionals that now work for top companies as designers, technicians, brand and factory owners and much more. Attending Arsutoria School gives you a 360° view on your favourite topics:

• shoe design
• shoe pattern making
• shoe 3D digital design
• shoemaking
• bag design
• bag patternmaking
• bag making

Shoe courses in Milan, Italy

Our most renown courses since 1947. Technical and design training starting from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

Bag courses in Milan, Italy

If you want to become a master in bag design and pattern making, these are the courses for you.

Long term programs in Milan, Italy

Our complete training offering in a customized path, from creative design, collection development trough basic and advanced pattern making techniques.

Footwear workshops in the United States

Week-long workshops for people already working in the industry. An opportunity to get in touch with other professionals, share experiences and knowledge.

New York

Focus on casual and dressy shoes


Focus on casual and outdoor shoes

Los Angeles

Focus on casual and dressy shoes

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