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The sneaker course: design, pattern making and prototyping

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Nov 16th, 2020 → Dec 15th, 2020

Apr 6th, 2021 → Apr 30th, 2021

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

Intensive course for students who want to deepen their knowledge in the most popular footwear in recent years: sneakers, both fashion and performance

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How our courses change with COVID-19

Since February 2020 with the spread of COVID-19 the school had to suspend all training courses. Italian Ministry of Education and our Regional government have communicated that we will be able to start courses again from June 2020. Nevertheless we need to assure the safety of our students and put actions in place to prevent the spread of the virus again.

The major constrain that we need to face is the distancing. We won’t be able to use the facilities of the school as before because we need to assure a minumum distance of 1 meter between students. For this reason we have decided to change the way we organise our classes.

The three pillars of our training will remain the same but we will change the way we organise each of them

Lessons from the teachers

Our teachers have been working hard to prepare video lessons to cover all course topics. You will be able to access these contents at your own pace from home.

Individual work

Learning by doing has always been the center of our training. We will send you all the materials you need to work. Teachers will assign homeworks to assess your understanding of each topic

Review with the instructor

Teachers will dedicate 100% of their time to review your individual work and to give you feedbacks and suggestions on how to make better. This is a key moment of the course

Target students

During last few years sneakers have gained a lot of importance in the field of shoes. Already super strong among the athletic compartment they have contaminated the fashion industry.

Today all the most important brand offer sneakers among their collection ranges. In the 4 weeks of the sneaker course, design, pattern making and prototyping, we are going in depth of those topics we think are more important for design and product development.

Objective of the course

During the course you will:

  • Learn how to draw sneakers and know materials and components used to make them professional.
  • You’ll know the history of this product and the strategy followed by the brands to introduce it and to make a storytelling behind there own collections
  • Learn how to make the pattern making ready for cutting for both a board lasted and a Strobel shoe
  • Spend a whole week in making the final sneaker prototype in the sample room of the school

Arsutoria School is known throughout the world for shoe design and pattern making. We therefore decided to set up the sneaker course, design, pattern making and prototyping with a strong technical product imprint to enable our students to understand in detail how sneakers are designed and manufactured.

Sneaker pattern making

The leading content that distinguishes this course is the shoe technical design to which two weeks are focused. Knowing how to make a sneaker model is the way to translate creative ideas into a marketable product

Make a prototype

To make teaching more effective, we will dedicate a full week to prototyping a shoe: each student will have the opportunity to sew and assemble the upper, glue and sew the sole too.

Involving students in practical activities together with our teachers and laboratory technicians, is undoubtedly the best way to learn how sneakers are made in reality.


Given the growing importance of sneakers made with knitting machines, Arsutoria School has introduced a computerized linear machine for production into the shoe prototyping laboratory.

Some hours of the sneaker course, design, pattern making and prototyping will be dedicated to a presentation of how this technology works and how traditional knitting machines have been adapted for the footwear industry.

Design a sneaker

Four days will be focused on the sneaker design, divided between creative design and illustration on paper and technical drawing on last. Sneaker Designers spend much time in sketching their own ideas: it is a practical and fast way to set creative inspiration on paper.

Once the creative idea is in focus, it is necessary to move onto the technical design, often directly made on the shoe last from which all patterns will be developed. During these four days students will experience both these techniques

Sneaker colored with Pantone colors


Three days will be addressed to lectures on topics that we consider complementary and fundamental to better understand the sneaker world and its market of reference:

  • Introduction to components, materials and manufacturing processes
  • History of the sneaker starting from the traditional sport shoe to the icone in the fashion field
  • Case history of Made in Italy sneakers designed by leading brands in this field


To complete the education in the sneaker sector, we suggest to join the Shoe 3D digital design course too.

In fact, during this training, two weeks will be spent on the design of soles. For sure, midsoles and outsoles have always been and will undoubtedly be the fundamental component characterizing the identity of sneakers. 

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