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e-Learning: Materials and components

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Overview of footwear materials and components

Footwear is comprised up of many different materials.
The choices that are made in materials impact cost, quality and comfort.

We may think mostly of the upper material because that is what is most visible but we have invisible materials as well. The last and soles are also critical materials to footwear.

This online course is comprised of 5 lessons each of which focus on the different materials and components, which make up a shoe

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Content of the course

Materials that make up an upper or lining can be leather or synthetic. Fabric is also used.
This course covers the characteristics and types of each. It also reviews the tanning process and leather finishing. This course highlights that the last is the most important tool to assure fit, shape, style and comfort.
The invisible materials, namely the toe box and back stiffener play a critical role in quality. Innovation in materials has affected the variety of options that can be chosen for outsoles.
The course reviews key types of soles as well as the manufacturing process. The emphasis is on what types of soles are most popular to use in today’s world.

Shoe professionals need to be aware of the different material options for all parts of footwear top to bottom, visible and invisible. Understanding that it all starts with the last enhances their knowledge.

We encourage all footwear professionals to take this course in order to identify and understand the materials that make up a shoe.

Content of the course


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