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Shoe pattern making and prototyping course

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Jan 7th, 2019 → Mar 29th, 2019

Apr 3rd, 2019 → Jun 28th, 2019

Aug 27th, 2019 → Nov 15th, 2019

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

This 12 weeks course has been the core offering of Arsutoria School for over 70 years. The pattern maker is the professional who translates ideas into products. His main responsibility is the development of the patterns of upper and lining of shoes. He must be familiar with all the materials and components used in the manufacturing of shoes including lasts and soles. The strength of Italian pattern makers is one of the key ingredients for Italian reputation in the field of footwear.

Several students take this class to become pattern makers or technical developers. We encourage them to add the 4-week advanced class after to this 12-week to get an outstanding preparation for the industry.

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Target Students

70 years ago, when Arsutoria School started to organize this 3-month course, the main objective was to train pattern makers, the engineers of the product of a shoe factory that often were also responsible for the design of the shoes. If you visit a shoe company around the world today – it might be a shoe factory, a shoe brand or a design or development studio – most likely you will find someone working in the company that studied at our school.
Today we still train those who wish to become pattern makers but we also train:
  • the new generation of the shoe company owners, who usually have a business background and take our courses because of our reputation and since they can get a huge amount of knowledge in a short period of time
  • technical developers, else said those who work side by side with the technicians of the overseas factories to coordinate and control the quality of the shoe productions
  • designers who wish to understand what happens “behind the scenes” when they send their design to a factory, those who value the possibility to share a common language with the technicians in the factories to better interact with them
  • makers of shoes, those who wish to start a workshop or that already have an experience in the field of shoe repair or as bespoke shoe manufactures and wish to learn how to make patterns and develop new style

Our studentsHave a look at some of our past students experiences during this course

Shone Puipia
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

I want to learn the technical side of things to be a better designer

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Shone Puipia
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

A creative soul who has gained a BA and a MA in Fashion Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium and as he fell in love with the designing and development of shoes for his final MA collection development, he decided to join ARSUTORIA School to become knowledgeable about footwear pattern making as well. Shone believes that learning the technical side of shoe making would benefit his future designs. As he desires to start his own brand one day, we shall expect to see both garments and shoes.

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Stephanie Lundby
Ecco Shoes A/S employee

I want to gain technical knowledge to become a pattern maker

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Stephanie Lundby
Ecco Shoes A/S employee

Stephanie has always had clear ideas about who she wanted to become: a shoe maker! She started off with a BA in Fashion Apparel with a strong focus on accessories and leather goods and has always maximized any opportunity to get closer to the industry to gain hands-on-experience. Her strive and dedication has gotten her into gaining trust to build up her existing skills by her company. As a matter of fact, Ecco Shoes A/S has sponsored her training at Arsutoria, deciding to send her to Milan to gain pattern making education, prior to graduating from the Global Trainee Programme within product and design.

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Jashim Raswi
Business Administration background

Footwear is a family business that I want to keep growing

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Jashim Raswi
Business Administration background

Jashim came to Arsutoria with a Business Administration background and with a solid knowledge of leather processing and material as per the Tannery business his family owns with the aim of raising the business to add on the existing field of activities a high-quality leather footwear manufacturer.

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Hugo Miguel Pinho Oliveira
Camuto Group

I want to get a better technical knowledge about shoes

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Hugo Miguel Pinho Oliveira
Camuto Group

Hugo arrived at Arsutoria School with an extensive knowledge and experience as he worked as Ecco'let Tannery Supervisor in Portugal then moved to Brazil to work in Camuto Group and from there moved to China in Donguang to work for the same company as a Brand Production Manager. CGA sent him to Arsutoria to upgrade his technical knowledge of the product.

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Content of the course


Our students prototypesHave a look at some of our students best creations. The next one could be yours!

Carlos Fernandez Pons
Crocodile leather shoe
Chia Fen Lin Kate
Woman sporty ankle boot
Diana Galvan
Man sneaker with ostrich details
Irina Stamate
Woman pump
Lewis Houlgrave
Man's sporty loafer
Paul Strand
Classical man loafer
Paula Larrain Gelsam
Woman's sandal with machine-cut details
Shao Kai Shih
Man's sneaker with rough finishing

Are you a technical or design person?This course is the foundation for both design and technical career paths. After taking the course, go deeper and attend one of our focused short classes, tailored to your needs

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Shoe design course

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