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Shoe making, men’s and women’s: pump, sandal, oxford, sneaker

€ 4500,00
Sep 23rd, 2019 → Oct 18th, 2019

Feb 10th, 2020 → Mar 6th, 2020

May 11th, 2020 → Jun 5th, 2020

Sep 21st, 2020 → Oct 16th, 2020

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

Four weeks to learn how to make shoes under the guidance of expert Italian shoemakers. 

Who participates in Shoe making, men’s and women’s course: 

  • Aspiring artisans who want to acquire the techniques of shoe construction 
  • Pattern makers who want to understand, in more detail, the upper sewing process and the shoe construction techniques 
  • Suppliers of materials of the footwear industry interested in understanding how to best use available products and to take inputs to think about new components and applications 
  • Young designers who want to know what happens “behind the scenes” of the shoe production 
  • Shoe enthusiasts who want to discover secrets, tricks and tips
    of the footwear art

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Contents of the course

During the Shoe making, men’s and women’s course you will learn:

  • How to make the upper 
  • How to last upper and lining on the shoe last  
  • How to attach the bottom components, heels and soles 
  • How to finish the shoe 

Class activities will start from upper components already cut, students will prepare upper and lining panels for the stitching:

  • Pieces must be equalized into the correct thickness with the use of splitting and skiving machines 
  • after, they have to be backed with appropriate fabric reinforcements and taped for the edge finish  

Joinery requires the basic knowledge of the stitching machines, students supervised by school teachers will practice with exercises of increasing complexity before stitching uppers and linings of the pairs of shoes that will be made. 

Once the uppers are ready, students will learn how to apply toe box and counter and then they are taught how to perform lasting of upper and lining on the shoe last.

What will the students do

During the first two weeks students make two pairs of women’s shoes: pump and sandal. After lasting the upper on the shoe last, they learn how to attach heel and outsole. The finishing steps include cleaning, brushing, sock-liner attachment and boxing of the shoes.

During week 3 and 4 two pairs of men’s shoes are made: oxford and sneaker. 

The Oxfrord will be cut out in crust, a leather that is tanned but not completely finished in the tannery. This material allows students to paint and customize the upper with the support of an Italian expert craftman. After painting and “patina” finishing the outsole will be attached and students will apply final finishing. 

Sneaker will be made using the sacchetto Strobel construction and the outsole will be hand stitched along the edge.


For those who wish to learn how to engineer the patterns of the shoes made during this making course, we suggest to take the 12 week class for shoe pattern makers.


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