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e-Learning: Life of a shoe

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Fundamentals of shoemaking. The “shoe” is greater than the sum of its parts. What brings a shoe to life and the role and function of each part is covered in detail. This online course is comprised of 7 lessons each of which focuses on the shoe’s life cycle

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Content of the course

In a methodical way it constructs the foundation for shoe making.
We are again reminded that the last or mold to manufacture the shoe is critical for the look, fit and wearability. The foot is complex and its measurement must correspond to the engineering of the last. Different sizing systems are reviewed. Engineering of heels, soles and insole boards are the structure of footwear. All parts of the structure need to be consistent with the last.
The role and function of the uppers and lining effect cost while the hidden components determine quality. A video takes us through the entire manufacturing process of the upper.

Overview of constructions are covered, both the upper constructions and that which assembles the upper with the sole. Construction influences flexibility, cost and durability. Key shoe constructions are defined with the technique required to assemble the upper with the sole.

As a shoe professional it is important to understand the life cycle of shoe making. Fit is a critical factor impacted by the foot and last. Being knowledgeable about different constructions is essential.

We encourage all footwear professionals to take this course in order to understand what brings a shoe to life and the process for good fit and construction.

Content of the course


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