Footwear course in New York

$ 2500,00
Jul 16th, 2018 → Jul 20th, 2018

Nov 5th, 2018 → Nov 9th, 2018

Jul 8th, 2019 → Jul 12th, 2019

Nov 4th, 2019 → Nov 8th, 2019

9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

Purpose of this worksop is to obtain a greater understanding of the processes of production of different types of shoe constructions with primarily focus given to the traditional cemented construction. Gain deeper knowledge of the materials used in each stage of the process. Have an opportunity to refocus the experience and progress in a job that requires the ability to thoroughly analyze the product and interact with professional engineers from the overseas manufacturing in sample rooms and factories.


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Attendees should have at least two/three years industry experience prior to attending our workshop OR take previously our 10 hour e-learning course which will prepare them to understand better the topics that will be addressed. This unique on-line course will be offered complimentary to those who sign up for the class.

ARSUTORIA will bring three senior footwear professionals to the course:

Paolo Marenghi

Paolo is the senior instructor at Arsutoria and the leader of the course. Paolo is an expert pattern engineer who has worked at factories and design studios in Italy and abroad. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable, he will cover all basic training subjects and pattern making module and will team up with the shoe fitting expert and costing and sourcing expert.

Roy Russo

Roy is a life-long last and fit technician. Roy has been responsible for Technical Product Development for leather, last, soles, heels and other components and working directly with line builders and designers, assisting factories in all phases of development and production. Roy has worked for the most important footwear brands including Steve Madden and Nine West both in the US and offshore.

Roberto Grasso

Roberto has been in the shoe industry for over 4 decades. He spent the first eight years of his career working in a shoe factory learning all phases of shoe making. After manufacturing, he went on to work in various areas of the shoe business including production scheduling, engineering, purchasing, merchandising, etc. Roberto was one of the first people to pioneer overseas sourcing as early as the late 70’s for The Stride Rite Corp. He continued to expand his sourcing knowledge and experience at various brands including The Rockport Company, Clarks, and eventually circling back to the newly formed Rockport Group. Roberto specializes in developing global sourcing strategies with an emphasis on cost-reduction and supply chain management.

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