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Each industry has its own terminology.
The footwear industry is no exception.

One way to classify a shoe is to do it according to the model. In other words, the style chosen for the top component of a shoe, the so-called “upper”.

This online course is comprised of 8 lessons, each of which focuses on the terminology of Footwear Silhouettes and the origin of style names.

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Style names have different roots: for example, sometimes the style name refers to a historical character, sometimes it refers to a city or part of the world, and other times the style name is the result of a change in the feature of a shoe that identifies that particular silhouette.

Often we name a shoe according to a manufacturing construction or even a detail in the design. The evolution of fashion creates new terms and names that become part of our heritage.
This online course teaches a “common language” that is intended for all footwear professionals, from designers and technicians to merchandisers and sales teams, as it teaches industry terms that are applicable to every segment of the footwear market.

Not only does it benefit the footwear professional, but it also benefits the customer who is ultimately better informed.

Today sales people working at every level and in every segment of the market need to be more and more skilled and prepared to interact with their customers. Being able to explain in depth a shoe construction or the quality details of a shoe is of utmost importance as it offers the customer a value added proposition that goes beyond brand or price.

We encourage all footwear professionals to take this course in order to identify and understand the details and quality of a shoe.

There will be a quiz after each lesson and a Certificate of Completion when you successfully complete this course.

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Footwear silhouettes + Life of a shoe + Material introduction
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