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Bag pattern making and prototyping course

€ 6750,00
Mar 18th, 2019 → May 29th, 2019

Sep 2nd, 2019 → Nov 8th, 2019

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

Students will be introduced to the world of bags starting from basic individual tools knowledge, passing trough pattern making, use of machineries, to achieve the realization of a leather bag.

To practice hands-on skills and stimulate cooperation among students, two group activities will be organized: each student will be asked to complete a different task and coordinate individual work with those of the other students to produce a complete prototype of a bag.

In the last week of the course, to each student will be assigned an individual project aimed to completing the whole sequence of operations to make a final prototype.

The diploma will be issued to students who successfully pass the final assessment which is composed by three sections:

  • making the full set of patterns from a given sketch
  • evaluation of the final prototype
  • individual interview

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September - November 2017 Course Diary

Fall 2017 has had the usual international audience with students coming from Canada, Greece, India, Israel. Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine and Venezuela. The course has been a journey from basic to quite advanced level for quality of pattern making and prototyping.

Students teamed up to create amazing prototypes by completing each construction step: from splitting to skiving leather, to prepare edges for the finishing, to brush the colored edge to smooth it, to stitching the bag itself, the lining, the zippers and pockets. Have learned about different materials including leathers, finishing, reinforcements and fabrics.

Have developed skills on pattern making and pattern cutting as well as on prototyping on Shopping bags, Boston Bags, Bucket bags and have learned the Box Construction, Framed Construction, Briefcase Gussets Construction and Strip Construction to complete their final individual prototypes. The final prototype was a personal design of a handbag based on one of the studied construction model.

Our studentsHave a look at some of our past students experiences during this course

Andrea Camacho
Industrial Engineer

I want to start my own business in the bag industry

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Andrea Camacho
Industrial Engineer

Andrea is a young industrial engineer, graduated from Universidad de Los Andes who fell in love with leather handbags. Andrea has always loved design and while working on her graduating project being a business plan for leather goods, she also developed designs and first prototypes, she felt the urge to pursue this path with the aim to be able one day to launch her own brand.

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Naveen Kumar Perumal
Family Business

Bags are a family business I am intended to move forward

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Naveen Kumar Perumal
Family Business

Naveen is a civil engineer and architect who comes from a family business with a strong tradition on footwear making. He has been working in the family business for almost 3 years but has decided to learn about bags to actually look for new market opportunities.

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Miline Van Houtte
Started a bag workshop

Changed my career and opened a bag retail shop.

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Miline Van Houtte
Started a bag workshop

With a background in the pharmacy industry, Miline decided recently to follow her passion and to start a business in the bags together with a friend. She has opened a bag retail shop with a manufacturing workshop in Brussels. In Arsutoria School she has attended both the pattern making and the design course.

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Giulia Forcellini
From retail to product development

I wanted to strengthen my skills in technical product development

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Giulia Forcellini
From retail to product development

Giulia has a background in law but she always worked in fashion retail. After few years at Hermes, she decided to take the pattern making course. Right after graduating, she found a job in a leading high-end bag manufacturer in Milan where she started a career in product development.

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Bag design course
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Dedicated to those who wish to launch their own brand of bags and to those who wish to work as bag designers in a company. The agenda covers subjects as bag sketching by hand, digital design with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, merchandising planning of a bag collection. Last week dedicated to create and design a collection of bags with the support of our teachers.

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Our students prototypesHave a look at some of our students best creations. The next one could be yours!

Ziqiao Xie
Handbag with exotic details
Noura AlNaggar
Squared satchel
Anastasia Crippa
Precious backpack
Arianna Pisani
Calf Leather, Strip Construction
Fiona Seah Siew Lan
Crocodile Leather, Strip Construction
Daphna Peleg
Cork Fabric, Back Pack
Cloè Plouffe
Calf Leather, Stitch and Turn with Piping
Paola Michel Piza
Calf Leather, Mixed Construction (T-gasset and Box Construction)

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