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Bag making: tote, clutch and backpack

€ 3500,00
Dec 2nd, 2019 → Dec 20th, 2019

Jul 6th, 2020 → Jul 24th, 2020

Nov 30th, 2020 → Dec 22nd, 2020

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

Three weeks dedicated to bag prototype making together with expert italian technicians.

The course is dedicated to:

  • pattern makers who want to practice the prototyping techniques of a bag and learn how to use the machines
  • “makers”, designers, craftsmen etc, passionate of hand-made who wish to learn how to make bags

Students walk away with the three bags they have made during the course.

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Topics covered during this course

Students receive the complete set of the paper patterns for each bag they have to make. Students who wish to learn how to make the patterns can attend the 10-week pattern making course.


Students choose the materials among those available at the school and then they start using the gross patterns to cut materials, reinforcements and linings. With the help of teachers, they learn how to use the splitting machine, couple the materials with the right reinforcements using the water-based adhesives available in the sample room and then to trim the final parts of the bag using the net patterns.


First of all, students create the parts of each bag that then need to be finished on the edge with raw cut, folded or stitch and turn. Then they start stitching to obtain the semi-finished pieces: handles, top pieces, pockets sewn to the lining face, etc. Each student carries out his activities at the working desk to make the faces, the bottom, the gussets, the pockets, the linings, the handles, the shoulder etc. To complete the prototype each student must complete the assembly using the stitching machine stitching and by hand finishing. In particular, with learn how to work some details – such as hand sewn lock stitches – that are typical of high quality bags.


The final objective is to understand and experiment all the phases of the bag making that lead to the creation of bag with typical “made in Italy” quality

Additional notes

We have limited the number of seats in each class to 10 students because “making” requires a much closer interaction with the teachers.

Students with a very limited time available can take only part of the course. This is subject to the number of seats available: preference will be given to those that take the entire course. The price of the single week is € 1500 (VAT exempt)


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