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Bag design course

€ 3500,00
Nov 12th, 2018 → Dec 6th, 2018

Jun 3rd, 2019 → Jun 28th, 2019

Nov 11th, 2019 → Dec 6th, 2019

English, Italian
9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

Overall objective of the course is to immerse participants in the process of creative development of a collection of bags

The course is targeted to:

  • those who want to work as bag designers in a brand or in a design studio and choose such a short course because they already have a diploma in fashion design or because they are already working and have a limited time available
  • those who are planning to launch their own brand of bags – even if they have no experience in the field – and want to learn the skills to design their products in a short time
  • those who own a bag company/factory/workshop – or wish to start one – and decide to complete their training after the 10-week course with a design class

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Topics covered during this course

Marketing and brand identity

Who is your customer, which is the identity of the brand, these are all key elements to focus the design. Our teachers explain these topics starting from real and up-to-dated examples of contemporary brands through the analysis of catwalks, promotional campaigns, product design and retail stores. Each student is challenged to develop a design project starting from the identity of the brand, this project will be presented during the last day of the course.

From merchandising to bag design

The merchandising plan is a fundamental tool for the modern organizations to focus the creative ideas into a marketing and sales framework. Once a merchandising plan is prepared students are guided through the process that leads to bag design:

  • understand time and action calendar of a bag collection from design to retail, different roles and functions involved in the process in more structured organizations
  • focus your design idea and search for trend inspirations
  • build a bag line based on the framework of a merchandising plan

Materials for bag design

Materials and accessories play a fundamental role in the design of bags. For this reason, part of the course is dedicated to analyzing the materials available on the market. Whether for a start-up or for a company, it is important to understand how to interact with material suppliers, how to choose catalogue products or new collections and how to develop new materials together.

Bag sketching

A designer needs to have unique ideas to differentiate his/her bags in today’s market, but it is also extremely important that the designer is able to express the creative ideas with a clear and understandable drawing. During this course we dedicate approximately 80 hours to design bags.
At the beginning with pen and paper: the students design different styles of bags but also learn to design different types of accessories. Once the basics of traditional drawing by hand have been acquired, teachers move to the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
We have chosen these two softwares because they are still today the most used tools by bag designers. Students are amazed at what they can draw after these 80 hours. Even the participants with lower drawing abilities are able to create nice and proportioned bags designs thanks to the methods they have learned.

Final assessment

Each student will present his/her draft collection to the entire class for a final evaluation. The draft prepared for the final presentation can then be used by the participants as their portfolio.
The Arsutoria diploma is issued to those who successfully complete this final exam.

Additional notes

If you have time enough to stay in Arsutoria school for at least 14 weeks, we suggest taking this course after the 10-week class. The technical course supplies a great understanding of bags and this is a real value in design. Being technically skilled gives a designer a superior awareness and ability to interact with bag manufacturers.

If you take this course together with the 10-week pattern making you can pay a discounted rate of € 2700 (VAT exempt)

Students are required to bring their own laptop to better work on their final presentation. Licenses of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are available on the School computer

Our studentsHave a look at some of our past students experiences during this course

Barbara Moresco
Product Designer

I want to be a better designer to better serve my clients

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Barbara Moresco
Product Designer

Barbara is a product designer who came to Milan to take the Accessory Design Master program at Politecnico, also graduated in Fashion Business at Marangoni, then decided to further specialize in Bag design at Arsutoria. She has also learned about jewelry design techniques that combines within her bag design. Currently she works as consultant designer developing special project for prominent brands.

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Kirstin Scharlau
Bag trade and marketing background

I want to expand my knowledge on drawing techniques

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Kirstin Scharlau
Bag trade and marketing background

Kirstin has a family business in bags trade in Spain. She recently started her own brand taking advantage of the experiences she made in Advertising , Marketing and PR. She attended Arsutoria to learn better the drawing techniques as well as to broad her knowledge on materials.

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Yoshimi Sugiyama
Design teacher in Japan

I want to improve my skills as a bag designer

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Yoshimi Sugiyama
Design teacher in Japan

Yoshimi is a Fashion Goods Design instructor at Ueda College of Fashion in Osaka, Japan. She majored in Fine Arts to then become a designer and came to ARSUTORIA with the intention to broaden and deepen her skills to pass her new knowledge to her students once back in Japan.

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Vassily Skinner
Started a brand in bags

I started my own bag brand and I wanted to know more

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Vassily Skinner
Started a brand in bags

Vassily has a passion for travels, art and multiculturality. She attended Arsutoria late in her career and she took both the pattern making course to learn the secrets of bags constructions and the design course. Started her brand in 2016 with a support with a School teacher with the manufacturing in Italy. The same year she attended the London Fashion Week for the first time.

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Looking for a more complete learning path?We suggest you take our 10 week pattern making and prototyping course prior to attend this 4 week course

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This 10-week pattern making course is the fundamental part of our training in the bag field, which we recommend to both designers and technicians

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