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Bag branding and marketing strategy course

€ 2500,00
Jun 8th, 2020 → Jun 12th, 2020

Nov 2nd, 2020 → Nov 6th, 2020

9AM to 5PM, Mon to Fri

The objective of the course is to immerse the participants in the leather goods market and consumer analysis related items to create the most appropriate bag brand for specific markets and target audiences.

Target Students

This course is dedicated to those who:

  • are looking for a short and intense course with a strong focus on bags
  • wish to learn how to create a brand of bags
  • want to learn the best practices of the industry from a lifelong expert
  • value Italy as the place to learn how to develop fashion bags

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Topics covered during this course

Marketing and Brand Identity

Who you wish your customer to be, what is the identity of the brand you want to create.
Our teachers explain these topics starting from real and up to-date examples of contemporary luxury and mainstream brands. Instructors will also present today’s most innovative bag brands strategies.  We will teach how to create a brand bearing in mind market needs as well as consumer behavior, students will learn how to communicate the brand efficiently by selecting the most suited communication strategy and distribution channels.

Trends Analysis

Students will be challenged into understanding the latest trends and will learn about trends forecast.

Merchandising Plan and Visual Merchandising

This is a fundamental tool to build a collection. Once students will have understood the merchandising plan, they will be exposed to most original and inventive visual merchandising cases.

Materials and Components for Bag Design

Materials and accessories play a fundamental role in building a bag collection. For this
reason, part of the course is dedicated to analyzing the most appropriate materials for leather goods. Whether for a start-up or for a company, it is important to understand the different material categories and the most suited ones for leather goods: fabrics, synthetics, leathers, hardware and other accessories.


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