Bag branding and marketing strategy course

How is a successful brand defined and created, what marketing and communication strategies will the new IT bag come up with?

We at Arsutoria School want to tell you this through the intensive Bag Branding & Marketing course and directly from the voice of a professional with great experience in important brands in the sector.

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Develop the next most-wanted bag

When you want an IT bag, an iconic bag, what do you really want and why do you want it?
It is not simply the bag product, its manufacture and its design, that captivate you. It is something more ineffable, subtle and bewitching, which makes you want that model and not others.
Here, this is the brand. The brand is the “dream maker” of the desire to buy. The brand generates a dream that you want to dream, because only with that bag will you be more “cool”, more elegant, more attractive in the eyes of the world. The brand tells you the dream of an aesthetic and lifestyle style, which you can achieve simply by purchasing its most desirable items, the bag of the moment, the one you have already seen and heard everything about before buying it.
But how does the brand generate this dream?

by doing

Is this the right course for you?

The Bag branding and Marketing course is aimed at:

Bag FACTORY owners

The new generation of owners of leather goods companies, who do not have a background in economics or marketing, but want to understand how to enhance or improve corporate identity and values also through the development of a concrete brand project


Designers interested in understanding how to enhance the brand they work for or will work for and get to know the marketing side of the sector, with a view to professional evolution.


Those who would like to launch their own brand of bags, despite having no experience in the sector, and want to understand, in a short time, the fundamentals of branding and marketing

You can find this course in these career paths:


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of the course

At the end of the Arsutoria School intensive Bag Branding & Marketing course you will have acquired knowledge on the process of defining the brand and its implementations, through case studies of famous brands, their ability to regenerate in an extraordinarily effective way, remaining identifiable and unforgettable and continuing infallibly to seduce consumers with products increasingly aimed at anticipating their desires. You will learn the methodologies for creating an effective brand with a recognizable and well-focused corporate identity, to set the most suitable marketing strategies for the market and consumer target and to outline an inspired, incisive and
seductive also for your brand.

Brand identity and marketing

The process of creating the brand the marketing and communication strategies through which the brand successfully reaches its target of consumers, managing to hit the mark and increasingly expanding its range of “seduction” towards increasingly broad consumer targets , represent a wealth of strategic knowledge for the brand you have in mind. Case studies of famous brands of contemporary luxury and the most innovative emerging brands will reveal to you origins, developments, falls, relaunches and evolutions.

Trend analysis and forecasting

The most successful brands live and thrive on trends, signals from the future, especially the ability to anticipate, analyze and implement them before and better than others, transforming them into cult models and collections adored by consumers and imitated by competitors. A focus on how to analyze trends will help you understand how to create an inspired, strategic and international allure collection of bags.

merchandising plan and visual merchandising

The merchandising plan represents the backbone of the collection. Planning the right product mix within the collection, the correct balance between new trends and market needs, can decisively influence its sales success.
Capturing and transforming the consumer’s emotion into an exhilarating sensory experience of the product within retail is the mission and the magic of visual merchandising. The main way of this strategy of sensory seduction passes through successful case histories, of which you will know the secrets and background during the course.

Collection design: research, moodboard and design

Creating a collection means developing a project that maintains coherence and uniqueness in all the steps that lead it to see the light. A project that arises, first of all, from the search for unique and personal elements of inspiration and which, thanks to the knowledge acquired during the Bag Branding & Marketing course, you will transform into the iconic elements of your collection or your brand.