2D CAD for bag pattern making course

Thanks to this course you will have the opportunity to learn the use of the CLEOPATRA software, recently enhanced and adapted to support every design and production need of the leather goods industry.

You will be able to develop your patterns, engineering and digitizing many manual steps, obtaining the parts of the models, placing them and making them exportable for cutting machinery.

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Upgrade your bag pattern making game

The computerized visualization of the real model you have created and the technical documentation to support the model that the software itself produces, will allow you to adopt a practical and effective method of designing the bag, which does not replace your model by hand, but simplifies the reproduction in series of the same model and helps you in the corrections of the external and internal components of the bag, in view of the cutting of the pieces that you can make by exporting the files to the cutting machine.

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Is this the right course for you?

The 2D CAD for bag pattern making course is for:

Junior pattern makers

Junior pattern makers who want to implement their knowledge of traditional pattern making with digital tools.


Designers who want to understand how 2D digital pattern making works, with a simple and intuitive approach to a tool widely used in the sector.

Digital artists

Anyone who knows other modeling software and is interested in extending their knowledge to a classic, effective software dedicated to leather goods.

of the course

Under the guidance of the Arsutoria School teachers, at the end of the course you will have understood how to use the 2D CLEOPATRA software – one of the best known and most used in leather goods companies – which will allow you to design and obtain the components of the bag such as dials, sides, linings, reinforcements, flaps, zip windows, templates etc..etc …

If you attend the in-class course you will have the opportunity to experiment with the cutting of patterns and materials.

Making of the digital model

The handbag model you made by hand can be digitized, corrected, implemented and engineered. In this phase you will learn theory and digital rules from the teachers to create one or more correct models, starting from digitalization.

Obtaining the bag components

The learning path of the software provides for a gradual learning of its functions. Carefully followed and monitored by the teachers, you will deal with the proceeds of the pieces for your bag, from the simplest to the most complex.

Digital export of the pieces for cutting

A great efficiency advantage of the 2D CAD software, which you can learn during the course, is the digital export of the pieces to the cutting table: from the cutting of the components of the pattern to that of the materials for making the bag.

If you frequent in-class, you will also have the opportunity to practice cutting patterns and materials with the machinery supplied to the school laboratory.