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Arsutoria bag design and bag making courses

Our bag courses are all organized in Milan, Italy. They are full-time courses taught by Italian instructors with many years of experience

See below the agenda, dates, and prices of our courses and contact us for more information or to reserve a visit to the school

Learning by doing

The online courses are based on Arsutoria School’s “learning by doing” approach where Design alternates and integrates theoretical classes with practical “how to” classes with real up-to-date renown brands case histories.

Consistently with the school’s history, our 3 training pillars stay the same:


Individual work

Review with the instructor

The way in which classes are provided has been modified in accordance to government request on how to utilize spaces; the result is that classes that used to be held in the classroom as presential ones is now alternated between online activities and presential ones. An extra opportunity to learn with the Arsutoria School method.

Bag Semester Diploma
The recently launched Bag semester program aims at training a well-rounded professional figure able to enter the leather goods sector with strong competences

The extensive and intensive program responds to the training needs of those who want to maximize their education in the bag domain in a short time by acquiring technical, design and practical skills that will support opening their own workshop, working for a specific brand or become an expert of this fashion’s leading sector.

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Bag making courses in Milan, Italy

Bag pattern making courses are our strength. Bag making courses for professionals who want to work in bag factories as bag pattern makers or technicians. Download the Arsutoria Course Plan for 2019 to see all our courses.

Bag pattern making and prototyping course

This 10-week pattern making course is the fundamental part of our training in the bag field, which we recommend to both designers and technicians

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Bag making: tote, clutch and backpack

Three weeks dedicated to bag prototype making together with expert Italian technicians.

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Bag design courses in Milan, Italy

We offer different short courses on Bag Design for students who want to improve their knowledge on bag merchandising, marketing and bag digital design. Download the Arsutoria Course Plan for 2019 to see all our courses.

Bag design course

A course dedicated to those who want to learn how to design a collection of bags in a very short time

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Bag branding and marketing strategy course

The objective of the course is to immerse the participants in the leather goods market and consumer analysis related items to create the most appropriate bag brand for specific markets and target audiences

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