Will Verona

Design Director at Purified

Franc Riera Fortuny

Zara Woman Footwear designer at Inditex

Daniela Rincòn

Handbag designer at Misako

Diego Di Lorenzo

Footwear Designer - Footwear Pattern Maker at Premiata

Alexandros Vasdekis

Footwear Designer & Creative Director at Myconista

Hélène Meksavanh

Head of Product & Merchandising / Sport & City lines Footwear / Buying - TJX Europe

Farida Eid

Senior Footwear Designer at Mintra

Pablo Jaspers Callado

Footwear designer at Unisa

Guglielmo Gorno

Footwear designer at Puma

Diana Larrota

Accessories Designer at Versace

Kaiwen Yen

Footwear Designer  at Alexander Wang 

Solveig Gubser

Senior Designer Leathergoods at ELU / ECCO

Lisa Cronin Arida

Creative Design Director Men’s Footwear at Steve Madden

Andrzej Bartie Bikowski

Head of Design Outdoor & Golf at ECCO Shoes

Carlos Loreto

Director of Technical Design and Production at SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Arsutoria has helped me immensely to advance in my career. There I acquired solid technical knowledge about footwear construction, from concept to production. I was able to understand thoroughly the components of a shoe and how they interact with each other and the importance of the material used. Making quality shoes can be a complex process, I’ve used the knowledge acquired in Arsutoria in all my jobs. It has helped me to design quality shoes at the appropriate price. Most recently I took the 3D Design course and it was extremely useful. This changed completely my design process. I feel now that I am more in charge and that the shoes look the way I want to. Not to mention the big help for factories to understand my designs. The future of footwear design is 3D. I used every day my 3D learnings and I am so thankful to the school for helping me in every step of my career.

Kelly Baillon

Director of Design and Development Karl Lagerfeld & Donna Karan Footwear

I highly recommend this school and its programs for anyone looking to be in the design, commercialization and/or production of footwear and handbags. The expertise that you have access to as a student, the knowledge that is given to you, the guest teachers that are there to help you are all completely worthwhile!

I won’t lie it’s an investment to attend, especially if you’re lodging on site, but it is worth every penny! I wish all footwear designers had to take at least an abridged version of their 1-year program before they could start working. The skills you learn here not only make you better technically, but they make you a better designer.

With so many designers coming into their real world jobs and many becoming line builders – instead of designers – this gives you the opportunity to learn how to become an actual designer. You learn about commercialization and consumption of materials, costing and global market differences. Really could not more highly recommend.

Matteo Bellentani

Global Creative Director, Head of Product & Design at Clarks Originals

Ars Sutoria has been an incredible support to my career, and after 23 years in footwear design and creative direction i can clearly recognise the value, I hope more future professionals will approach this school.